Founder of AgarapatiLeather Enes Vural, who went to India when he was 18 and got inlay design education, designs leather bags, belts, and wallets prominent with their simplicity at his workshop located in Yeldeğirmeni Kadıköy. Vural continues an old tradition that reaches from the Ottomans until today in his custom designs. Working with special leather pieces that are 100 percent natural and unprocessed, Vural has leather materials shipped from Isparta.

Enes Vural who gave the signals that he would become a great designer in the future during his childhood years says, “I always had a special area to use as a workshop at home because of my interest in design. Beginning from middle school, my interest gained momentum. Between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, I spent my each free moment with Orhan Özer who is a leather artisan focusing on wristband and wallet designs.”

Received inlay design training
Vural who went to India when he was eighteen to get better education on leather design received inlay design training for six months. This gave him the ability to make different inlay designs on leather. During that time, he collected special bags from different regions of India and put them on sale in Turkey. He opened his first workshop in Kızıltoprak when he was nineteen. Although he later studied Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating at Ankara University in 2009, he never gave up on his passion for design. He continued to design leather during his university years. Vural custom designs bags, wallets, and belts at his workshop named AgarapatiLeather located in Yeldeğirmeni Kadıköy since December 2014.

He likes backpacks
Expressing that he likes simple designs, Enes Vural says, “Despite my inlay design education in India, this style is not much preferred in Turkey. I especially like to design backpacks. I design 10-15 bags and about 100 wallets weekly. Bags are priced from 100TL; their price may go up to 1000TL. Wallet prices are between 40-150TL and belts are between 50-120TL. Fifty percent of our sales are completed online and the rest consists of custom orders.”

Different models for summer and winter
Vural who emphasizes that during fall-winter season green and brown tones are heavily used says, “What I pay attention the most during winter is the cover part of a bag. I try to make them in roof shape. For summer, I usually make bags with no roofs and in light colors such as white and yellow. Our designs meet the expectations of our clients who visit our workshop. A customer who wants to place an order fills up an order form and determines every detail of the order such as its color, shape, and size. Modeling comes next and then comes the production phase. I am not nourished by any trend. I completely reflect my own style in my designs. The bags are delivered within two days. Word meaning of Agarapati is refreshing incense.”

Leather comes from Isparta
Expressing that he uses 100 percent natural materials in bag and wallet designs, Enes Vural talks about his technique and leather materials: “Leather I use is not processed. It has been prepared according to traditional leather processing and tannery techniques, which are used since the Ottomans. I have raw materials shipped from Isparta. The number of tradesmen who sell this kind of leather is lesser now. These people are among the most precious leather artisans of Turkey.”

He draws first 
Vural gives information about the designing process of bags: “First, I decide on the design of the bag that I am going make. Then I begin to draw a model. I cut the natural leather according to this model. After cutting the pieces out, I determine the parts that are going to be colored. Following the coloring process, the bag needs to dry for six hours. Later, I apply the finish. I make holes so the bag opens easily. Before I begin sewing, I place the buckles if there is any. After the sewing job is done, the frame appears. Finally, I add shoulder straps and other apparatus. Some touch-ups… I sand where necessary. Lastly, belt dye is needed. The surface of the bag is shined for one last time and then it is ready.”