4.5G that enables 10 times faster access than 3G (third generation communication) until today is in use in our country as of April 1. As the sound and image quality increase during video calls that are already supported by many video messaging applications, cuts will not happen any more. At the same time, videos from the Internet can be watched at higher resolution. 4K videos with four times the resolution of Full HD can be played on mobile phones. 4.5G requires a compatible device and SIM cards. The speed supported by the device you prefer affects its performance. We brought together 4.5G supported models by the top manufacturers, considering this information.

Keeping their 5.5-inch screen size, the largest reached by the previous generation, Apple has a Full HD resolution. The A9 processor that is used by the 6S Plus has a performance that we can say is as a good as a computer’s increases the overall performance by 70 percent and the graphical performance by 90 percent compared to the previous model. The 3D Touch feature that allows you to do different operations according to the way you touch the screen also arrives with this phone. It has a 12 Mp camera with a sturdy aluminum alloy chassis on its backside. With it you can record videos at Full HD resolution with 120 fps in slow motion as well as videos in 4K resolution at 30 fps. The phone that can get a maximum connection speed of 300 Mbps with the support of Cat6 is available for purchase in silver, space gray and additionally in gold and rose gold.

HTC 10
The newest phone from the Taiwan-based producer has an oblique cut edge design which was inspired from the light. The frontal body of the phone is completely made of glass and the rest is a single metal piece… With a size of 5,2 inches and a 4K screen resolution HTC 10 uses Qualcomms Snapdragon 820 processor. Therefore, it has virtual reality features as well as quick charge ability. It has a 4 GB RAM and a storage of 64 GB and with an additional memory card you can add 200 GB more. As its 12 MP camera offers a very high filming speed with automatically focusing laser, it also enables the comfort of framing with its wideangle lens. It’s 4K video and optical image stabilizing features are also stunning. The Cat 9 feature allows the phone to establish a maximum mobilecommunication ability of 450 Mbps. HTC 10 will come in black, gray, and gold.

For the ones who want to use a different phone, LG’s new generation models should definitely be examined. G5, a phone which gains new features by adding modules named ‘Friends’, can be named the first modular phone to be on the market. The modules are added to the phone from the bottom part. Along with having a replaceable battery, a 360-degree camera, a Hi-Fi sound system designed cooperatively with Bang & Olufsen are some of the modules named ‘Friends.’ LG G5 complete with a full metal body and a 5,3 inch 4K resolution screen has features such as Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB Ram, 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera, and can have its memory extended by 200 GB with an additional memory card. With the Android 6.0 operating system and Cat9, it can support 4.5G. It is going to be sold in black, gray and gold colors.

Among the recent Samsung Edge models, where the sides are designed as part of screen, the latest S7 Edge lengthens both sides in a stylish way. These side screens are used to inform the user or to enable shortcuts to do many other processes. The phone has a 5,5 inch 4K resolution screen. 4 of its out of 8 core processors have a speed of 2,3 GHz while the other four have a speed of 1,6 GHz. It also has a 4 GB Ram, 32 GB memory space, 200 GB additional memory space through a memory card and a camera with 12 MP, double lenses, and automatic focusing. This camera has panorama action shooting, a low aperture, and 4K video resolution. It supports 4.5G at the highest speed With Cat9, has a special security aid named Samsung Knox, can encrypt the data on the phone and gets continuously updated, providing the device protection. S7 Edge comes in black, gray, white and gold colors


We all know how important cameras are for smart phones. Every producer always talks about how good its camera is but we must separate P9 from the others for this subject, because the company has done its homework to increase the bar. The 4th model of the P series has a 5,2 inch Full HD screen, a Kirin 955 8-Core Processor, 3 GB Ram, 32 GB memory space which can be extended by 128 GB with an additional card. With Cat6’s support, it has a 300 Mbps speed for mobile connections. It has two Leica cameras with 12 MP resolution and automatic laser focus positioned on the backside of the phone. The combination of those two cameras that one can shoot in color and the other in monochrome increases the detail, color, and depth. It can record at 60 fps in Full HD. P9 that has an 8 MP front camera that also uses automatic laser focus is sold only in gray.


The latest of the Xperia series which has been successful at changing its water proof feature into a glut has a 5,5 inch screen with 4K resolution. The phone with a 801 ppi (Pixels Per Square inch) screen resolution is the highest within these pages. Thanks to this, it creates a difference in the aspect of appearance. It has an 8-Core Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 GB Ram, 32 GB memory space that can be extended by 200 GB with an additional memory card along with a 23 MP resolution camera. The LED flash camera, which uses the company’s newest sensors, has an optical image stabilizer and can record slow motion videos. The Exmor RS sensor, which has 0.03-second auto focus, can record in 4K. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has Cat6 support for 4.5G and comes in black, gray, and gold.