When we asked about the old times that she used to act on stage, she said, “They were nice days!” with a smile on her face and then began to tell. Later, we talked about Adile Naşit and Gazanfer Özcan that she talked about by saying, “Stars like them don’t exist anymore.” We listened about her beloved husband Metin Serezli. Nevra Serezli says, “It is enough to play in one show to become a celebrity.”

Shall we go back to the old times, to Devekuşu Kabare Theater days, what type of memories come to your mind?
It was really an awesome stage life. When I think about those times, I remember good days. I had shared the same stage with very successful players. I had always played for full house. Certainly there were some plays that didn’t make good at the box office but still I had never worried about it, because our plays had always engaged the audience. They were pleasant times especially the musicals… We used to have so much fun. Look at the names: Adile Naşit, Ayşen Gruda, Erol Evgin, Mehmet Ali Erbil, Altan Erbulak and so many more… I cannot count them all.

I think there hasn’t been anyone to replace or get ahead of those names by now, what do you think?
Those names that we call stars had died one by one… Naturally, stars like them do not exist anymore. There a few of us left. Suna Keskin, Füsun Erbulak, and I… The theater players of our time were very important. There were not that many television channels back then. It is not like that anymore, there are too many TV channels. It is enough to play in one show to become a celebrity now. Then, they get an offer from a theater. They only play on stage for one season then they don’t continue, because they earn more when they play in a TV series. We should understand them and acknowledge that they have a point.

Do you like the comedians of our time?
I like Demet Akbağ, she is great. Yasemin Yalçın and Binnur Kaya are also wonderful names. I also like Büşra Pekin. For instance, Gülse Birsel is a great writer. She knows comedy well and she can write her own this way. If I am to count some of the old names, I would say Ayşegül Atik, Perran Kutman, Adile Naşit, Ayşen Gruda, Gazanfer Özcan… These names are incomparable. No one can match them

Do young people would like to take advantage of your experience and skills?
I want to be fair, but there isn’t so many of them like there used to be. There used to be young people who would come to the backstage after the plays but their number is very low now. A student who studies acting should ask ‘how do you play this role, how did you interpret this character?’

Well, would you like to be in their shoes now?
I would. There were not that many TV shows or drama series during our time. We used to make shows with our own affords. ‘Trial Television’ was a show that we were both writing and playing on TRT (Turkish Radio and Television.) It was a show like today’s ‘Çok Güzel Hareket Bunlar.’ Our physiques were great and we were educated. Probably, if I were young now, I would be getting my share from the TV series that are offered to Beren Saat. We have wasted the young women roles back then.

Shall we talk about your husband Metin Serezli a little…
He used to approach positively to every situation. He used to keep saying, “There is goodness in every bad situation.” He didn’t even complain during his illness. He had been a great supporter of me. I miss being able to share things with him. My relief is to know that there was nothing left that we hadn’t told to each other. I visit his grave as rare as possible, it doesn’t do me good. Feeling that he is home and thinking of him comfort me more.

How did you manage to survive the first days when you had lost him?
I didn’t even take any tranquilizers, because I had to experience this pain to the very end. I had even checked the tea that they had given me with the suspicion of added tranquilizers. I had thought that I could only overcome the pain if I had truly lived it. I look at his photographs or listen to his voice when I miss him.

There were 10 years of age difference between him and you did that cause a trouble?
The age difference was not important. When we first met he was 34, but most of the time I felt that he was younger than I was. Both his spirit and his physique. If he didn’t get ill, he would have played this year, too and would have left all of us behind. I used to get tired during our plays but he did not. My father was a very civilized person. When I told him, “Father, I am so in love, I am going to marry him,” he respected my decision.

Was having a handsome husband important to you? 
Actually, you should adore one’s heart and nature, not his looks. Beauty fades. You get to age, so is he. After a while, you become blind to physical features. If you are not in love with his character and spirit, then it is over.

A woman should be affectionate before everything else. She should show that she loves her husband, and cares for him. She should be willing to make sacrifices. Whether she is a working woman or a home maker, a man would want to see his wife acting like a woman. I don’t mean wearing make-up. She should always sweet talk. One can solve any problem by sweet talk. I used to tell Metin, “I had you do everything I wanted all of our life together, even your soul didn’t feel it.” I really did. I certainly did not order him around. Although, I was an adult, I used to tell him things with the attitude of a young lady.