I don’t remember the last time a butterfly passed by me. It seems as if a distant childhood memory; maybe it was at a picnic… Some time ago, Valley of Butterflies in Fethiye had been a major tourist attraction, but butterflies seem to be weary of the place. When I’ve heard that a butterfly garden was opened in Konya, I’ve had hard time even imagining it.

Seeing butterflies is not nostalgic anymore and I am talking about thousands of them. Being opened in Selçuklu, Konya, the Tropical Butterfly Garden is shown among the most interesting ecologic studies and the rarest gardens of the world.

The prettiest butterflies of the world
You find yourself in a real adventure that you didn’t have in mind. The thousands of beautiful butterflies from all over the world are here in this garden; many different butterfly species from Malaysia to England and from Holland to Mexico. Some came from the tropical forests and some from the Arctic Ocean. As you walk through the first butterfly museum of Turkey, you can photograph them during their feeding time and discover the phases of their lives from larva state to developing wings.

The largest butterfly flying field of Europe
Being settled on 385 thousand square meters area, the Valley of Butterflies Park, in which the Tropical Butterfly Museum takes place, is full of surprises. The park is large enough to cover 56 soccer fields. The butterfly garden located in the park covers 4 thousand square meters outdoor and 2 thousand square meters indoor flying field for butterflies. The park has walking trails, picnic areas, an artificial hill and waterfalls, ponds, and the Bug Museum besides the Butterfly Museum and the butterfly-breeding farm.

Butterfly theme in architecture
The conservatory located in the Tropical Butterfly Garden has an area that butterflies can fly freely. An area related to the rainforests is created for the first time in Turkey by means of the botanic park. The Tropical Butterfly Garden that is designed in the shape of two wings of a butterfly is located on one wing and the Wings of Love Museum is located on the other. It is possible to observe the life of a butterfly from pupa phase to death in their natural environment in the Tropical Butterfly Garden. Approximately 6 thousand butterflies of 15 species can fly in 1600 square meters area. Many butterfly species of the world are exhibited in the Wings of Love Museum.

Their lifecycle is on the large screen
The Tropical Butterfly Gardens leaves the door of an extraordinary tropical paradise ajar for the visitors. The place offers a natural habitat for 20 thousand plants of 98 plant species; moreover, it is possible to observe butterflies as they fly around the nectar plants special to their species. Areas that are designed in the shape of cocoons take place in the Bug Museum such as a breeding farm where tropical plants can be bred, an exhibition of visual objects that belong to different bug species, and a theater that presents the lifecycle of butterflies on screen.

Miraculous life of bugs
It would be useful to take a look at the Bug Museum to witness the miraculous life stories of bugs. The tunnel of underground species or the reptilians showcase is among the interesting parts of the museum. A mini theater that presents documentaries and cartoons is also located at the museum that displays different bug species.

A butterfly-friendly environment
The building phase of the Park has been a real adventure. During the work that was completed in two years, the tropical climate conditions of butterflies have been created. The goal was to enable butterflies to live in a sustainable natural environment. The Municipality of Selçuklu has worked with this goal in mind at all times. Every detail has been planned by consulting the names that are specialized in the areas of sciences and construction because the butterflies have to live safely thousands kilometers away from their original tropical environment. Special lighting and heating systems are built. A special material called PVB that maximizes the transmission of UV rays is used so the butterflies could find their way easily. The air temperature of the museum is adjusted to 26 (±1) degrees and the rate of humidity to 80% (±5) to enable the butterflies live in Konya.

1 million annual visitors
The Tropical Butterfly Garden and the Bug Museum of Konya is a first for Turkey. It is full of amazing stories that belong to a spectacular world for both adults and children. It has been foreseen that the number of annual visitors who is going to observe the butterflies and bugs in their natural habitats is going to be approximately one million. It has also been targeted to place the center that is going to bring over ten thousand butterflies together among the largest butterfly banks of the world by exporting the thousands of butterfly collections that are bred in here to many different parts of the world.    

Children can get nature trainings in classes named as Speckled, Whirring, Pointy, Long and Buzz.

Parrots are also going to grab your attention as well as 15 butterfly species of the tropical nature in the Butterfly Garden.

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The butterflies that are the masters of disguise and the largest stag beetle of the world are in the Tropical Butterfly Garden.