New revolution in Image world appeared on the horizon and is aiming to take the place of HDTVs at our homes. Developed for use in digital cinema projection proposes in reality, this new image format known as 4K delivers four times the picture resolution of full HD at 1920×1080 pixels resolution.

Here 4K includes:

Reached to 4096×2160 pixel resolution in cinema projection, 4K technology suffers losses when it comes to television and falls to 3840×2160 pixels. And this means four times the full HD standard. Thus it brings out sharper and more detailed images. Moreover, when viewing the former Full HD video, loss of image quality is never encountered.

Before 4K was introduced the trend was OLED. Although OLED achieved deeper black tones, it required more costly production. Since Ultra HD resolution panels is generated by LED instead of OLED, changing of the production facilities is not required. It also paves the way for the fall of prices in the near future.

Image resolution change in the world is a big trouble. People also want to have something to watch when they purchase devices with a higher resolution. Although processors in televisions enhance lower resolution content automatically today, this is not as good as the content prepared at that resolution.

That means transition to new shot devices for the movie studios, at the same time a new resolution broadcast for broadcasters. Therefore, changing shooting equipment is also as important as transferring increased solubility. A compression technology called HEVC will be used for Ultra HD. This will both be used for broadcasters and for posting on the Internet.

Sony KD-65X9005A brings technologies like 3840X2160 resolution 65-inch display with LED backlight and TRILUMINOS at the edges, Motionflow XR 800Hz.Although Magnetic Fluid speakers are a little wide they carry a striking design. Revealed a good performance in 4K content, television brings out detailed and highly accurate images. Thanks to Sony’s passive technology, 3D Blu-ray can be watched comfortably.
£ 16,660 /

Samsung UE65F9000
Samsung, all of which connections can be moved into a box gives the possibility to update characteristics by changing this box even if 4K standards change. Offering a detailed and natural view, UE65F9000 uses active 3D technology. It also augments 1080p and 720p resolution contents to Ultra HD.
19.349 TL /

What’s next? 
LG, Philips and Toshiba followed Sony and Samsung, Some brands such as Seiki and TCL began selling 4K TVs under a thousand dollars in the United States. Sony offered the first 4K media server and constantly updated and downloadable content service to users in the United States. In Japan, the 2014 World Cup will be broadcasted in 4K. In the content, are prepared 300 GB -new generation -optical discs in cooperation with Sony and Panasonic.