Emphasizing his passion for football in each of his sentence, Rıdvan Dilmen carried on his success with his position as a football commentator. We met with Rıdvan Dilmen who has a peaceful and happy life with his family to talk about his leading commentator personality, his love of football and his transportation preferences.

Our country has met with YHT (High Speed Train) by means of the investment made by TC Railways in the last 15 years. Are you following the developments on YHT? Have you had the chance to ride the High Speed Train? If you have, what is your opinion?
I have not; however, I have friends who have. Moreover, I can tell easily that I know it is a great convenience because I have friends who take part in the project. I know that Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir line is complete and the project in Sivas continues. Years ago, we were admiring them when we saw them in the countries what we call as ‘developed countries’; however, we have made great progress in the aspects of comfort and convenience.

In today’s conditions, living in large cities have become harder for everyone. We have to take the road hours before in order to reach to somewhere in time. I would like to ask you this at this point: Do you use public transportation, such as metro, Marmaray or high speed train? If you do, what do you think? Is there a memory that you would like to share with us?
When people who are famous like me use means of public transportation such as metro or metrobus, we become a subject of social media and posts begin to appear on our modest life styles all of a sudden. In fact, using means of public transportation is not modesty, it is a life style. In my opinion, not to use them is a complex. For instance, it is a great advantage to take a bus, if I am going to go to the airport. I have not understood why famous people do not use it. Clearly, we should overcome this.

You have been in the foreground with your identity as a football player. Nowadays, you are working as a football commentator for NTV and writing articles for Sabah journal. Which one is easier to you? Being a commentator or being the commented? What are the ups and downs?
I have tried three professions since my childhood. I was a merchant for a while, but only for ten months because I couldn’t do it. First, being a football player; second, being a football coach; third, being a commentator or a journalist. If you are asking me which one is the easiest, I can tell that it is what I am currently doing: being a commentator. If you ask me which one you want to do the most, I would say, even it is not possible, being a football player.

What do you think about television and show business? Do you like being in front of the camera? Are there any tough sides of it?
God gives everyone a talent depending on their other traits. Having the talent is not enough to become a good coach or a player. You also need to work hard. Keeping yourself up to date is necessary. I have not been working as a football coach for a long time; however, I participate in all training lessons to utilize them in my career as a commentator. Thank god, I have all licenses that are possible to get today. I am doing this to keep up to date and give current news in the correct way to my readers and viewers or listeners. When your football career ends, the advantages that came with it continues in the television world for a few more years. If you become successful, new horizons open for you after two years. Thank god, I became successful; however, if you cannot catch success, your title or your luck won’t help you any longer.

Can we tell that you are the proof of that football players make good commentators?
I am frankly thinking that I am revolutionizing this issue, so I cannot be modest. I think the trend of former football players becoming commentators started with me. I’m relaxed in front of the screen. Why is it so easy? I could not do politics, law, economics if you had asked me those; because I am talking about the profession I know and I love, I recommend that everyone should talk about what they know the best. But sometimes actors of TV series or directors say, “Can you play a one-minute scene?” Although my one-minute scene runs at least ten times in recorded broadcasting, it’s a lot easier for me to be talking about football in live broadcasts. For example, I envy stage and cinema actors, I wonder how they are doing it.

Do you guys ever play games with any of your friends?
Playing football is the thing that I love the most in my life. Not to watch, to play, but I cannot because of my health reasons. After leaving the fields, we had played football two or four days a week; but I’m just a spectator now, following a serious illness.

You have worked as a football coach after you left the fields. Have you got an offer to be a coach again?
Yes. Especially after I left football, I got many offers. Later, my new position as a commentator kind of stuck on me, the offers became less in numbers; however, I think if I said that I wanted to work as a football coach today in live broadcast, I think that at least ten clubs would make an offer. But I will not return because of my health reasons.

Which team would you like to manage, if you had received an offer?
It does not matter; because I am capable of coaching both young teams and big teams. At the moment, I am indeed professional; I make money, of course, but especially with my TV shows, I think that I contribute to the technical knowledge of our children, coaches, and our viewers.

Which one is more enjoyable for you, playing football or being a coach or vice versa; which one is more tiring?
If I were born again even if I’d known that I would become the richest man in the world, I would still want to become a football player.

We want to mention your private life. What does Rıdvan Dilmen enjoy doing in his private life? This, of course, shows variations in every person’s life. 20 years of football can deprive you of some of your hobbies, some of your pleasures, some of your travels, but for me, it was a trip and a pleasure because football was both a hobby and a profession. I am a person who makes at least three shows a week, so football is in every part of my life. I have two children. I spend time with my son Erdi who is 29 years old and my daughter Eda who is 18 years old. I am usually home at night.

As far as we know, you had a small part in Cem Yılmaz’s A.R.O.G. What kind of experience was it for you? How did such an offer come to you?
If you remember; when I was commenting on LIG TV, I would often say ”This will be a goal!” Then this phrase became very fashionable. Cem Yılmaz is a very intelligent friend, he made me a clever offer and he mentioned that there was such a scene in the script he wrote. It was also a great joke.

Do you like to go to the movies?  Which movie did you last go to see?
Going to the movies is my greatest pleasure, but for some reason, I have become a little lazy nowadays. I usually watch TV series at home but I will go back to going to the movies again. Thank you for reminding it. I changed my life standards. I used to like emotional movies before, but now I only watch funny movies. I want to look at life more positively.

Do you like traveling? Which country did you last visit?
Most recently Paris; I went to Paris St. Germen- Barcelona game with my friends. I go to champions league matches abroad, especially the ones with Real Madrid and Barcelona, and especially if they continue on their way from the quarter finals. Apart from that, for my travels in our country, I prefer touristic places such as Çeşme, Bodrum.

Do you enjoy train trips? How do you spend time during a travel? Do you like to read books or magazines?
I have had a train journey. I enjoyed it very much. I can even share a memory. In the middle of the 80’s, Istanbul’s biggest winter was experienced. Ankara-Istanbul was closed for three days. Fatih Hoca also played football then. Romania-Turkey match was in Ankara. After the match, we came to İstanbul by train. After arriving to Haydarpaşa by train, I had to walk from Haydarpaşa to Etiler. It was such a bad winter. I absolutely read books and magazines on my travels. If it’s a very long journey, I definitely squeeze in two movies.