Fevzi Dömbek says that turbot between March and May; sardines, young bluefish, gurnard, flounder, red mullet between June and September; jumbo shrimp in August; bluefish, bonito, anchovy and yellow fin tuna between September and October are in season.

Chef Fevzi Dömbek who has taken over the operations of Vino Steakhouse that has been serving at Bağdat Street lights since March 2013 with manager Recai Ayçiçek on April 1, 2016 went for a concept change and added seafood dishes to the menu. The name of the place was changed to Vino Surf & Turf within this scope. We talked about their new concept and their prominent specials with Chef Fevzi Dömbek who adapts his expertise in seafood to the menu of Vino Surf & Turf.

Seafood dishes appeal to a special mass
Vino Surf & Turf, attracting attention with its new concept of blending the mastery of meat with the Aegean’s famous dishes and embracing fish lovers, now has a structure that appeals to different palate tastes. The menu of the place that used to come forth with meat dishes gained more variety with the participation of Fevzi Dömbek to the Vino Family. Fevzi Dömbek, who stated that they have reached a far wider audience with the addition of the seafood specialties to the menu, says, “I left behind 23 years in this business. Seafood is my expertise since my first day in this sector. Our guests are endlessly satisfied with this change in Vino. We can present different flavors to our guests thanks to our new menu. In addition, a new mass prefers seafood specialties to meat. Seafood lovers are much more selective. They care about all details even oil used in salads. We are organizing a highly coordinated business association with our kitchen chef, Deniz Yılmaz, responsible for the meat section. Vino Surf & Turf has a capacity of 300 people. We have 5 VIP rooms that can host 10 to 50 people. We are able to provide services to meet the different needs of our guests with our garden and indoor spaces.”

Chooses the freshest fish and vegetables carefully
Fevzi Dömbek, who says that they serve with a kitchen staff of 11, explains how one day goes by: “Even though we are very busy almost every day of the week, this tempo is increasing a little more at weekends. I go to the fish wholesale market in Beylikdüzü Gürpınar 3 times a week and to the vegetable-fruit wholesale market twice a week. I care to get the best of fish. Our lunch service starts at 12 noon but the actual business increases after 5 pm. This tempo continues until 10.30pm. Around 11pm or 12am, after work is done, I go to vegetable or fish market depending on our needs. We have an extremely busy tempo.”

Emphasizing that the Aegean Cuisine comes to prominence when it comes to seafood and appetizers, Dömbek says, “We created a different concept of appetizers with the herbs that have been identified with Ayvalık-Cunda such as sea beans, radicchio, sorrel, nettle, and wild radish. We have special appetizers such as sea bass Carpaccio, sea bass marinade, fish pastrami, octopus salad, shrimp with avocado, Cretan paste, and artichokes with seafood. We are very assertive with our basil sauce, roasted lamb, and fish kabob. Our fish patties, roasted herbs served with yoghurt, and crepe specials are very popular.”

From pit roasted turbot to gurnard with curry sauce and cream
Highlighting the special and traditional dishes being among the Vino Surf & Turf’s menu items such as steamed trotline gurnard, Dömbek summarizes other prominent dishes, “We are very assertive with our gurnard with curry sauce and cream, as well as our pit roasted turbot. Lemon sorbet, seasonal fig, pumpkin, or quince dessert, semolina halva, and our special home-made baklava offer a great combination to our seafood specials.”

Expressing that his team has a working style with high communication skills in the kitchen, Dömbek says, “We have a flexible and understanding working environment. The work we do brings along a very high pace. Everyone is very aware of his or her responsibilities. We have teammates who join us in the mornings and noon. The whole team makes the necessary preparations exactly what is needed for the next day. Thus, the process continues smoothly without any disruption. We attach great importance to hygiene. Every evening after the kitchen closes cleaning process begins. Detailed cleaning is done once a week.”

Ingredients: 300 grams of spaghettis, 100 grams of squid, 100 grams of calamari, 50 grams of butter, 200 grams of shrimp, 2 tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 green pepper, 50 grams of oyster mushroom, 1 tbsp of cream, 1 bunch of basil, 100 grams of pearl onions, 400 grams of filet of sea bass, 10 clams, salt, pepper, curry sauce, and saffron.
Directions: Bring water to a boil for the spaghettis. Sauté the sliced onions, peppers, garlic cloves, mushroom with butter in a pan. Add chopped tomatoes. As it thickens, add the following in order: squid, calamari, and shrimp. Sauté. Add the cream. Boil the clams 8-10 minutes after cleaning them thoroughly. Add the spaghettis into the boiling water and boil for 6-8 minutes, until it becomes aldente. Place the cooked clams into the saucepan. Slice the filet of sea bass and add them into the mixture. Add a ladle full of boiling spaghettis’ water into the sauce. Add salt, curry, pepper, and saffron into the sauce. Chop the bunch of basil and add them into the sauce. After draining the cooked spaghettis, place them into the sauce. Place the spaghettis into a plate and serve it with some fresh basil on top. Enjoy!