The New Helper At Home: Robot Vacuums

The New Helper At Home: Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners that can do house cleaning are among the most preferred electronic devices in recent years.

Robot vacuum cleaners can clean effectively regardless of wet or dry floors; besides being self-cleaning, they also has the ability to learn and make decisions. The most important difference of this robot from the vacuum cleaner is that it does not need you while cleaning and it can clean while you are not at home.

The robot vacuum cleaner quickly cleans the location thanks to the fans and the strong vacuum power at the bottom of the device. Thanks to the fans, dirt, and dust are drifting towards the vacuum part. From there, with the help of strong suction power and a brush, they go to the hopper, where the vacuum cleaner accumulates dirt and dust.

Thanks to the infrared signals it sends from the moment it starts working, the robot calculates the size of the area, walls, and obstacles and maps out the area where it will work. Robot vacuum cleaners also determine the best route for cleaning. The device can overcome obstacles up to 2-3 cm high and thanks to its sensitive sensors, it can clean the bottom of the walls and underneath the furniture. With the feature called self-rescue, it automatically docks and recharges when its battery is running low. Here are the most preferred robot vacuum cleaners…


RoboVac 11S easily removes dirt and dust with 1300Pa suction power. RoboVac 11S, which can easily move on the carpets and pass through the door sills thanks to its large wheels, uses high-quality sensors to avoid falling from the stairs. Effective in providing easy access to the bottom of the walls, Edge Mode provides high battery life and vacuuming power, optimized for deep cleaning, and it is effective in making the living areas healthier and much more hygienic.


Mi Robot Vacuum is a 12 different smart home cleaning device. The 3 processors in the robot cleaner follow the movements of the device in real-time and provide maximum benefit. When the robot vacuum power drops below 20%, it automatically docks and recharges and continues to work where it was left if it has an unfinished cleaning program. Mi Robot Vacuum, which can clean 2.5 hours at full charge, promises to offer this performance for up to 2 years.


Roborock S50, one of the most skillful members of the smart home ecosystem, offers you a perfect cleaning experience effortlessly while sweeping. By downloading the application of Xiaomi Roborock S50 to your smartphone, you can easily control and use it remotely. The robot vacuum cleaner also has a customized cleaning area service.


iRobot Roomba uses a 3-step cleaning system with dual multi-surface brushes. With its specially designed corner cleaning brush and vacuum, the device can perfectly clean everything from crumb to large dirt. iRobot Roomba is also equipped with the Antitangle function, which prevents the device from tangling cables. The device also does not damage your furniture thanks to its sensitive bumper.


The Samsung Powerbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum provides optimum cleaning with the world’s strongest suction in the field. The device, which can be controlled from your smartphone with its smart technology, maximizes the cleaning capacity. Samsung Powerbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum, with its charging capacity, ergonomics, superior technology, and smart systems with artificial intelligence, promises a smooth and perfect cleaning.


Ilife V5s Pro Electric Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner combines cleaning and wiping. Equipped with the improved brushless motor, the vacuum cleaner promises to deliver 5 times more powerful suction in maximum mode. In this way, the cleaner provides good performance on different surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, and tiles. V5s Pro vacuum cleaner offers an effective cleaning with its 350 square centimeter microfiber cleaning cloth, while maintaining the balance of water in the cloth.