The young man of every period, Ediz Hun deserves this address. Despite his advancing age, the actor who is far superior than today’s young generation with both his physique and ideas says, “Many wrong aphorisms exist in our language such as ‘The big flood is after me,’ or ‘you’re done at eighty.’ However, you may watch some certain people who are eighty or ninety with admiration. The film scenarios in Turkey are fixed on young people. Therefore, not every time comes a good part.”

Here is our pleasant interview with Ediz Hun…

Now you give lectures about acting at universities. Could the young Ediz Hun who had thought ‘Oh, what am I going to do?’ when he was offered his first part in a movie imagine seeing these days?
Is it not interesting? Everyone’s life is like a novel. I had a few surprises in my life, too. It was 1963, I was twenty-two when I entered cinema. I won a competition that was organized by ‘Ses’ magazine. Cüneyt (Arkın) too won one that was organized by artist magazine. Sometimes coincidences give direction to your life. Those coincidences had brought me here today. I always played leading parts. Most movies are about young people, so no one thinks that middle aged or old people could fall in love or their lives might be interesting. However, we all act with our feelings during our lifetimes. These feelings include love and affection. We want to fall in love no matter how old we are.

Therefore, we can tell that love doesn’t care about age. Right?
Why would it… It is so natural for a person who can function to experience all the feelings. Let alone 70, but even the people who are 50 are seen as elderly in our country. Many wrong aphorisms exist in our language; I never use them. For instance, ‘The big flood is after me,’ what does it mean? ‘I don’t care,’ is a very selfish thing to say. Or ‘you’re done at seventy.’ However, you watch some certain people who are eighty or ninety with admiration. The film scenarios in Turkey are fixed on young people. Therefore, not every time comes a good part.

Now, you are working in a project that includes a young cast. How do you feel about working with young people?
Miss Sibel, I am a judgmental person. I might have encountered with too many bad actors. I behaved judgmentally then and I thought ‘No quality is left in this profession anymore.’ When I received this offer, I thought ‘I wonder if those kids are any good?’ After I began working with them, I realized that they were great. I was surprised. They were between the ages of twenty-five and thirty. There were younger ones among them. They are all wonderful at acting; their memorization skills are strong. I like those kids very much, they are so polite. I realized my mistake and I asked myself, ‘Ediz, what were you thinking?’    

Did your children ever want to become actors?
My daughter has a degree in cinema and television. We have worked together for a TV series. She played my daughter. She is a nice girl. My son played with Ajda (Pekkan) in a movie years ago. I used to be a congressional representative then. He is also very nice.

How were you as a father? Did you discriminate between your children?
Never. The one who was acting irresponsible would be in trouble. I let them be. I was friendly with my children. Sometimes, I tease my son about girls. I say, ‘Hey, look at that girl, she is beautiful, isn’t she?’ I tease my daughter a lot, too.

You have shared the same stage with so many famous actors. Sometimes, you played as lovers. Was your wife ever jealous?
It would be hard to get along with a jealous wife. I would like to advise the young women; a man or a woman may look at another, but this look must be good intended. Our eyes are to see. The looks might be affectionate or might be only out of admiration. They shouldn’t make it a big deal. We better let people free! Marriage means responsibility but also freedom.

How about advice for men…
They should show respect. If a man hurts the feelings of a woman, he would have to face with the consequences of his behavior. Marriage is private. It means intimacy. Partners are supposed to show respect to each other. Men shouldn’t hurt their feelings and keep them happy.

The story of how you met with your wife is interesting. She was the one who had found you, right?

I heard a knock on my door one day: three nice young women. They had brought me an invitation for the 70th anniversary celebration of Turkish Airlines. I welcomed them inside. I offered them drinks. We had a chat. I thanked them and told them that I would come if I could. We didn’t see each other after that day. However, I called Berna a few months later. We had a date. I realized that how nice, innocent, sweet natured, and well groomed she was. You know how men like sweet natured and caring women. This was how our relationship began.

I have read in an interview that you called yourself ‘a well mannered hellion.’ What does that mean?
I was very mischievous in high school. This kind of behavior is normal at young age, which is when we get to meet with the world and begin to realize who we are… We used to have a literature teacher: Mrs. Melahat. Now I feel ashamed of myself for what I did. I used to think how to pull a prank on her. One day, I went to Kadıköy and bought a crab. I freed the crab on the floor at the classroom just before her class began. The crab, of course, began to walk towards her feet. She startled, and then asked who did it. I said, “I did it, please forgive me!’ and hugged and kissed her. She said, “Why do you do the crime, if you would feel sorry about it?” I played pranks like that, but I was never disrespectful, impertinent, or foul-mouthed.

Do you have other reminiscences such as this one?
I am a funny person. I make jokes all the time. For instance, I have masks that I wear before answering the door. The guest who sees me in a mask gets startled. I also change my voice and ask, “Who are you looking for?” I do that when we go to somewhere for the New Year’s eve. My wife laughs hard at my jokes. I think this shows that I am full of life.

What would you tell if I asked you to talk about yourself?
Although, I was an only child, I was never spoiled. People usually think that an only child would be selfish. However, I have always been a person who is aware of his boundaries. Being a nice person is important to me. I don’t discriminate between races, religions, or genders. I like teaching lessons to the ones who don’t treat others nicely. Thank God that I am happy with my personality. I am a Scorpio. I’d run to help if someone calls me in the middle of the night and asks for my help saying, “Ediz, I am sick, I need you.” I remember both the good times and the bad.

People say that Scorpios are vengeful.
I don’t compromise some matters such as disloyalty, disrespectfulness, and ungratefulness. No one has to like me, but they should respect me. Same thing is valid for me, too.

If I am to ask, what this life has taught you…
I have learned that the purpose of life is love. I have learned that treating people nicely and displaying good behaviors make everyone happy. I have also learned that life has a deep meaning.