The Secret to Happiness is Hidden in These Specialties

The Secret to Happiness is Hidden in These Specialties

Serving in Bebek, Patio is one of the most enjoyable places… Drawing attention with its brasserie style menu, offering special dishes of the Aegean and the Mediterranean cuisines, Patio’s chef Muhittin Kabasakal has gained more popularity with added details to the breakfast menu lately.

Combining traditional flavors with modern presentations, Kabasakal cares his specialties to be tasteful and to allow those who taste these specialties also taste the happiness with each bite.

The menu was created meticulously

Muhittin Kabasakal graduated from Bolu Mengen Chefs Vocational and Technical School and specialized in Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Having worked with the leading chefs of the world such as Giovanni Terracciano and Thomas Williams, Kabasakal has worked for The Marmara Bodrum Hotel, The Marmara İstanbul Hotel, Mövenpick İstanbul Hotel and D.ream (Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment and Management). 34-year-old Kabasakal has been serving as the chef of the place for about 6 months since the foundation of the Patio was laid. Stating that the menu was inspired by Mediterranean flavors, Kabasakal said, “It is possible to find flavors from the world and Aegean cuisines in the menu. Creating the menu, preparing recipes, making decisions on presentations; as you can understand, creating the flavor concept of Patio with every detail was the result of meticulous and refined work. Mediterranean cuisine is already exceptionally rich and efficient. Therefore, making these selections was quite difficult even for us. Patio opened on May 22 after a refined creation. As an address where good tastes, good music, and pleasant moments are experienced and of course all gathered in one place, Patio eliminates the need and lack of this issue in the heart of İstanbul, in an ambiance in relax mode.”

The place has its patrons

When we asked Muhittin Kabasakal about Patio’s most remarkable specialties, we got the following response: “Many specialties are appreciated such as shredded pastry with feta, Zurich steak, kokoreç pizzette, honey calamari, burrata pizzette, and casarecce di mare. Since our menu has a variety of flavors suitable for every taste and every moment of the day, anyone who comes to Patio can find tasteful dishes. We interpret all our specialties in a different way. Therefore, it is not possible to find the flavors on the menu at any other place. We recently created the breakfast menu and started to serve. The menus form their own patrons. With the end of the summer season, we will update our menu with seasonal ingredients. However, we will also add some surprises. Our work continues. Our target audience is those who love Mediterranean cuisine, those who care about fun moments as well as delicious experiences and those who seek them all at one address…” Kabasakal, who works in the kitchen with a team of 10, has an extremely busy tempo. Kabasakal, who organizes what will be supplied early in the morning and checks the existing materials says, “We prepare every day with the freshest ingredients to present the entire menu perfectly and completely. The breakfast menu is also a separate operation… We check the ingredients and act as quickly as 8 am in the morning.”

He is system-oriented

Muhittin Kabasakal states that being in the kitchen is a different way of life and that a significant part of his time is spent in the kitchen. He explains his methodology: “I am system-oriented… I am very fortunate that the business owners help me a lot. I would rather be angry at myself than my team if there is a problem. I pay great attention to making recipes. One of the most important points of this work is the harmony of the ingredients and arousing happiness in every bite. I never get tired of cooking because I really love my job. Therefore, cooking creates good feelings and happiness for me.” Kabasakal’s biggest dream is to set an example for the new generations, to represent Turkey proudly in the world arena. Like every chef, Kabasakal, too, wants to open his own place someday: “It would be very enjoyable for me to open a place like this with my girlfriend from the same profession. I strongly advise young people to be careful, constantly improve themselves, and keep a record of every dish they make.”


Ingredients: 3 pieces of veal steak each for 180 gram, 5 gram salt, 2 gram grounded black pepper, 15 gram olive oil, 1 large russet potato about 200 gram, 10 gram butter, 40 gram broccoli, 1 clove of garlic, 100 gram cultivated mushrooms, 100 gram cream, and 10 gram demi-glace sauce.


Grill the steaks over low heat for 4 minutes after rubbing with salt, black pepper and olive oil. Prepare the garnishing. Grate the potato pieces that you boiled and chilled in the refrigerator a day ahead. Sprinkle with 3 gram of salt and stir. Place 10 gram of butter onto a pan. After the pan becomes hot add the grated potato and cook until both sides are brown over low heat. Take the potato onto a service plate. Steam 40 gram of broccoli and shock in icy water. Grate the garlic and transfer the olive oil to the pan and sauté the garlic and broccoli. Add salt and pepper and add them to the serving dish. For the gravy, julienne the mushrooms. Sauté these slices thoroughly with cream, salt and pepper with olive oil in a pre-heated pan. Cook until the mushrooms and cream are thoroughly blended. When the mixture in the pan thickens, add the demi-glace sauce as a final touch and stir. Place the steaks on the serving plate. Pour the mushroom sauce over them and serve. Enjoy your meal.