Having been followed and well known by the business world, especially by the entrepreneurs, CEO of the Index Group Erol Bilecik experiences the joy of going back to making music after taking a long break due to his busy business life. Bilecik, who makes music in Anatolian rock style, highlights that he has now a state of mind that is much more motivated.

He resolves issues through a positive point of view
Erol Bilecik, who says that he has been proceeding by signing under many important projects for the last 25 years with a team of approximately 600, states that they care to resolve issues through a positive point of view. Bilecik, who highlights the necessity of working a lot in order to achieve sustainable success, says, “Our goal is enterprisingly supporting an eco system and a socio-economic transformation which would contribute to all of Turkey, beginning with İstanbul. Our vision, which is to procure all information technology products from one point as Index, we also call it ‘one stop shopping,’ has never changed although it was created 25 years ago when we were materializing our company. The most important step taken into success is to look at matters from a positive point of view.”

Taking advantage of opportunities brings success
Bilecik, who states that he advises his young colleagues in his team to advance in business life by taking risks that they can measure, says, “Having a good team and managing this team through great communication are also extremely important. Making aggressive investments by taking advantage of opportunities brings success along. We are going to proceed with mobile and technological products with added value in 2016, just as it was in 2015.”

Spending time with family is important
Erol Bilecik, who thinks that balancing work and family 100 percent is impossible and one side always have precedence over the other, says, “Clearly, my work life has precedence over my private life. I try to spend one day of my weekends with my friends and the other with my family. I have been married for thirty years. We have a family dinner at least once a week. We participate in pleasant activities during summer and winter holidays.”

His greatest passion is music
When it comes to the different hobbies of Erol Bilecik… Although, he is not that successful at painting, he has a painting collection that consists of works created by the famous painters, but his greatest passion is music. Playing guitar since middle school years, Bilecik loves Anatolian rock. He says, “I could spend more time playing guitar during my middle and high school and university years. We used to listen to singers such as Barış Manço, Cem Karaca, Üç Hürel, Ersen when I was between the ages of 18 and 25. Their style was Anatolian rock and they used to perform their songs in this cult. Works that integrate Anatolian folk song and pop music standards by using guitar intensively always had a great effect on me. Cem Karaca’s ‘Dadaloğlu’, Ersen’s ‘Aman Tertip Can Tertip’ and Üç Hürel’s ‘Ağlarsa Anam Ağlar’ are good examples.”

Anatolian Rock Star performances
Erol Bilecik, who emphasizes that he couldn’t reserve much time at the beginning of his work life, says, “I had more time for my hobby in the last 6-7 years. We came up with ‘Anatolian Rock Star’ as the name of our group, thanks to our positive interaction. A professional musician has played an important part in this story: Cenk Tevet and his group named Tayfa. We have been working with Cenk Tevet regularly for a long time. He trains us. We materialize our works at professional studios. We perform our songs within the aim of organizations where our close friends also take place. We like to play Cem Karaca works the most. We are going to display many performances in 2016. Making music and playing guitar affect my business life as if I am grounding myself. Thanks to this relaxation, I can make a more pleasant beginning on the next job or day. I have been managing stress with ease for long years. My most valuable formula in dealing with stress is looking on the bright side of life.”