The Sincerest Confessors of Emotions: Mimics

The Sincerest Confessors of Emotions: Mimics

Mimic is an important part of our communication. Mimic gives information about the characteristics of the individual (self-dynamism).

Communication and interaction with mimics are more prominent, and our words accompanied by mimics are perceived as more convincing. However, every time we use the mimic muscles, wrinkles occur. In other words, some of the frown lines, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds occur in this way.

So, what shall we do about it? Shall we say cold turkey to using our mimics for communication, including smiling, not to get wrinkles? According to experts, this is unnecessary. Don’t you ever think about stop using your mimics.

Every smile, every worry is a line

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Prof. Dr. Akın Yücel explains the effects of mimics on our faces: “As the mimics are repeated, they cause lines to form on our faces. Muscle use while laughing, worrying, fretting creates increasingly deepening lines between the eyebrows, around the eyes, on the forehead, and on the lip borders. Wrinkles occur later in life in people who are genetically lucky and well-nourished, who have oily and mixed skin type and darker skin, and who regularly exercise.”

Not possible to prevent

“We mimic by using 42 muscles and aponeurotic bands. It is almost impossible to prevent mimics so that they do not cause wrinkles. It is not possible to live without laughing or worrying or rather, reflecting these feelings on our faces. Here, the small procedures that come into play can interfere with the muscles moving with mimics, temporarily and gradually. We can keep on laughing, but we don’t wrinkle as much as we did before.”

Might be a neurological disease

“Some mimics occur as a result of an involuntary neurological disorder without accompanying an emotion. This situation, which is also described as twitching, which is encountered in borders around our lips, and in the eye area during our anxious and tense periods, is treated with Botox or drugs if it gains continuity and takes the form of a disease.”

If your skin structure is thin, your wrinkles might be more pronounced

Emphasizing that the wrinkles caused by mimics affect each person differently, Prof. Dr. Yücel explains this situation with these words: “How the person takes care of himself/herself and the person’s genetic structure are very important during the formation process of wrinkles caused by mimics. Wrinkles can have very different depths in two individuals of similar age, with similar skin types, lifestyle and genetic structure, with similar mimics. For example, in thinner skin structure, lip lines and forehead lines become more pronounced, whereas, in thicker skin structure, single and very deep lines may be seen.”

A sharp procedure to the point

Surgical and aesthetic procedures are effective in removing deformations caused by mimics. Prof. Dr. Yücel says the following on this matter: “No matter how much you pay attention, your facial expressions will inevitably lead to wrinkles on your face depending on your skin structure. Botox procedure is the most commonly used method to reduce wrinkles due to mimics on the face and neck. Botox is a bacterial toxin produced from a bacteria called clostridium botulinum. This toxin acts on the muscle-nerve junction.”

A temporary paralysis affect in the muscles

“A temporary paralysis occurs in the muscles treated with the Botox method. It does not affect the entire muscle but the muscle tissue around 1-2 cm of the point that the procedure is applied. When applied to the facial muscles, this weakens the movement of the muscles and prevents the deepening of the mimic line caused by the muscle. If the wrinkle is too deep, it does not disappear completely, but its appearance becomes less noticeable. Approximately 3 months after the application, the strong muscles begin back to functioning. After 4 months, the weak muscles also begin back to moving. After 6 months, the effects disappear completely.”

Skin must remain moisturized

“Another type of preferred method is the application of various types of fillers to prevent deepening of wrinkles by adding volume to the skin and keeping it moisturized. In fact, all applications, including professional skin care, that will improve skin quality such as PRP, Mesotherapy, Dermapen are used for the treatment of facial wrinkles.”


Other factors that accelerate the formation of wrinkles are as follows:

– Sunlight

– Stress, depression

– Malnutrition

– Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar use

– Environmental pollution

– Frequent temperature changes, heating, air conditioning

– Not drinking enough water

Moebius syndrome

If it is not possible to make mimics, which support verbal communication which is necessary for effective communication, the desired impression cannot be left on the other person. Facial mimic muscles cannot work in Moebius Syndrome since birth because of the problems that occur in the development of the nerves that enable the functioning of the mimic muscles. People with this disease cannot support their verbal expressions with facial expressions because they cannot use their mimic muscles.