The Specialties of The World And Turkish Cuisines

The Specialties of The World And Turkish Cuisines

Mutlu Menemen, Chef of Moda BigChefs, graduated from Bolu Bengen Multi-Program Vocational High School and has been working as a professional chef for 21 years.

Menemen has worked at the İstanbul Doors Group for 7 years and served as a chef at Vogue, Anjelique, and Wanna restaurants. Menemen, who has been the chef of Moda BigChefs since February 2019, emphasizes that this branch was designed in the cafe-brasserie concept like the other 61 BigChefs branches. Menemen focuses on specialties from Turkish and world cuisines while creating the menu; he makes a difference by combining his experience in world cuisine with his attentive presentations.

Focuses on new tastes

BigChefs, which has been serving in İstanbul Moda since February 2019, has become one of the most popular meeting points of İstanbul Anatolian Side in a short time with its decoration, atmosphere, delicious specialties and high quality ambiance. Mutlu Menemen, who pays great attention to the visual quality of the presentations as well as the taste of the dishes, said, “A recipe is prepared for each meal. For the preparation of these recipes, the branch chef is trained first. The branch chef teaches teammates in the kitchen how to prepare that recipe. Thus, we have achieved the standards in all our branches. In all the dishes coming out of the kitchen, everything from recipe compliance to presentation is extremely important. The most important is the taste of the food. It is our priority that our guests leave satisfied.” Menemen explains the most preferred specialties at Moda BigChefs as follows: “Our ‘çok-kase’ (big bowls) with vegetable, chicken, meat, meatball or salmon and our mixed breakfast, enhanced with the addition of local flavors, attract great attention.

BigChefs’s menu is renewed twice a year and we regularly add new flavors to our menu. Potato nachos, kababitos, veal and chicken siron wrap, eggplant casserole, and our bowl options with chicken and couscous are among the new tastes that add a new excitement to our menu.”

The kitchen has a systematic structure

Mutlu Menemen, who says that they work with an experienced kitchen staff of 30 at Moda BigChefs, gives the following information about how they start the day and preparation processes: “We do the production and taste checks and controls at the background at the beginning of the workday. We make sure that the cleanup process was done and start the flow of the operation. Our work ends with an intensive and successive service. We cannot define our working hours clearly. Times vary according to the intensity of the day. I build my kitchen on a system. I explain and teach the processes to my teammates in detail. Then I act with a strategy to establish and maintain the same systematic. My red flag raises when the system that I have established is broken and food service is done without tasting. I always share with my teammates that these subjects need to be handled attentively and meticulously. The most important issue when cooking is of course hygiene. Hygiene is my top priority as a chef. Another important element is that the products must be fresh. Apart from these, the making of each dish has different rules to follow. For example, the product is not put into the pan before it is heated or the product is not cooked until the grill is cleaned. With such details, the list of hygiene and priorities can go on and on.” 

Passionate about his profession

Mutlu Menemen, who is passionate about his work and expresses it at every opportunity, said, “I love cooking and I am passionate about this profession. The most exciting part of my job is making sure that each of the specialties we prepare is delicious, our guests can reach the special tastes in every bite, and taste all the flavors in the menu, and preparing the menu according to this point of view. Young people who want to make a career in this field should be educated and innovative. My advice to young talents is that they become good cooks first and make delicious food. To advance in this profession, they must work hard, improve themselves and be innovative. These steps are just the beginning. When it comes to making a career as a chef, other details come into play. You need to be able to successfully blend all processes from A to Z with both your team and your vision. In the medium and long term, I dream as any other chef would; establishing my own business someday.”


Ingredients: 110 gram salmon, 100 gram boiled quinoa, 30 gram salad greens, 20 gram romaine lettuce, 20 gram iceberg lettuce, 30 gram orange, 45 gram broccoli, 40 gram avocado, 40 gram asparagus, 15 gram baby spinach, 20 gram marinated and baked beets, 20 gram edamame, 5 gram dill, 30 gram pomegranate sauce, 30 gram balsamic vinegar, 40 gram riviera olive oil, 20 gram butter, salt and ground black pepper.

Directions: First, grill the salmon filet. Place the salad greens and lettuces onto a service plate after combining with balsamic vinegar. Spread the quinoa over the salad after mixing it with salt and pomegranate sauce. Grilled salmon filet goes on top. Saute the broccoli with salt and pepper and butter in a pan and place next to the salmon. Combine the baby spinach and edemame with balsamic vinegar and add to the plate. Decorate the plate with avocado and orange slices, asparagus, and beets. Spread some olive oil on top and serve. Enjoy!