The Voice of La Casa De Papel: Cecilia Krull

The Voice of La Casa De Papel: Cecilia Krull

Despite her young age, considered among the brightest new generation jazz singers of today, Krull performs songs in various music categories such as pop, groove, and soul. 

“Music has always been a part of my family and home. When I was a child, my father used to play the piano while I was accompanying him by singing.”
The song that she sang for La Casa de Papel entitled “My life is going on” had Cecilia Krull capture a worldwide fame. Following her concert in Ankara, she came to İstanbul to meet her fans in here. The concert that was held in Salon IKSV received enormous attention. Cecilia Krull, who began her career by singing Disney’s movie themes, is considered among the brightest new generation jazz singers of today. The artist who sings in various music styles such as pop, groove, and soul has performed also in prestigious festivals in Europe. We got together with Cecilia Krull before her İstanbul concerts.

La Casa de Papel became huge in Turkey, too, just like it did around the world. What does this project mean to you? How was the team created?
La Casa de Papel accelerated my music career without a doubt. I was included in this project by means of the musician and composer Manel Santisbetan, with whom I have been working together on soundtracks for a long time. We had made songs together before for movies and TV series such as “Fuga de Cerebros 2”, “Vis a Vis”, “El Accidente”. We had also worked with the creator of La Casa de Papel Alex Pina before. I was certain that the outcome would be excellent; however, this worldwide interest has been really dazzling me.

You have entered the music market at a young age. How did your venture in music begin?
Music has always been a part of my family and home. When I was a child, my father used to play the piano and I used to accompany him by singing. One day my father receives a call from Disney. They inform him that they are looking for a child who can sing. My father first tells them that he doesn’t know such a child. However, when he sees me the same day coming home from school singing, he brings the proposal to me. I was not thinking that I would be selected; however, once I entered the studio everything worked out easier than I was expecting. This is how my music adventure began.

Besides singing, you also compose your own songs. How do you describe your sound?
I can tell that I am closer to be considered as a jazz singer, although I feel open to all music styles. I met with jazz when I was very young thanks to my father. Pop, groove, soul, hip-hop, and even ethnic music of different cultures gain my interest. While I am composing my own songs, I am nourished by these unusual styles and different cultures.

You are meeting the music fans in İstanbul for the first time. How do you feel before the concert? Would you like to share your emotions with us?
I am unbelievably excited. Turkey has always been a country of interest to me. I have many Turkish friends who live in Spain. I performed my first concert in Ankara a few months ago. The attention was so warm. It was a tremendous pleasure for me. We had pictures taken with everyone after the concert. We will be on the stage for two consecutive nights. I cannot wait to meet the audience.

Your concerts continue around the world. How is your repertoire?
I sing the most cherished jazz classics, my own compositions, and of course “My Life is Going on” that everyone expects me to sing in my concerts. Well, we may also have surprise songs at every concert.

Finally, who was your favorite character in the series?
This is a difficult question to answer. Every character in the series is so unique that I cannot make any distinction. This is indeed the reason behind the massive success of the show. We can all make connections with  each character, their lives, and emotions. However, I must confess that I thought Berlin was so incredibly impressive!