Spanish singer Monica Molina had appealed to us first with her song titled ‘Vuela’ that goes as “Fly, in my voice this poem, full moon’s white to your sea’s break…” We got together with the singer who has a different and unique voice before her concert and asked the most curious questions about the “Voice of Love.”

Who is a singer to you? How original do you think a musician can be?
A singer is a person who can share the most genuine and beautiful feelings freely through songs on a stage. When you become yourself on the stage, you get a different connection with your audience and this makes you different.

What do you think is the hardest part of making music?
I have not had any disappointment since I received the golden record with my first album ‘Tu Despedida.’ I feel very lucky. My brother Noel and I work in harmony and this makes me feel comfortable during my album projects and my performances. I can focus only on singing and this reflects to my music. See, my job is not so hard!

How is your mood when you go on the stage?
Stage is the place where I feel free the most. It feels like I cannot do anything else except this. I tried acting, too, but you animate a certain character there. I can sing as the way I wish on the stage.

What is one moment that you couldn’t forget since you stepped in the music world?
2002 was an amazing year for me. I took the first steps with the ‘Vuela’ album towards where my career is today in that year. In addition, extraordinary reactions came from different countries, and I gave consecutive concerts. The attention that almost every song in the album received in the radio channels also encouraged me.

Why do they call you the “Voice of Love”? What do you think of love?
I think, it is because I sing romantic love songs. Love is a magical feeling. On the other hand, what you comprehend from love transforms in years. You get to know love and yourself much better with experience, gains, and losses.

Your father is a great musician. How was your relationship with him?
We had a great relationship. He was a precious and very significant artist for my country. I feel myself so lucky to grow up in such a family. This was why I performed my father’s songs in my own style in my Mar Blanca album that was released in 2012.

How did you feel when you were performing those songs?
My father’s Spanish folk songs are different and hard songs to perform in the aspect of the song language of the 50s and the 60s. I tried to adapt them to my own style as much as possible, when I was performing them. We took pride in each other.

How is your communion with your child?
We are like a normal mother and daughter at home. I try to spend my free time with her as much as I can. Traveling with Candela is especially peaceful for me. The new generation does not listen to all the songs that I enjoy listening, that I know. Candela enjoys foreign music. For example, I listen to Michael Buble. Now, I know Ed Sheeran songs thanks to Candela.

You have a good relationship with your siblings. Usually, they are the ones who write your song lyrics. What would you like to tell us about your relationship with them?
My brother Noel’s contributions and our common expectations from music keep us united from the beginning. We are together since the start; we worked together for each album; this reflects on our music.

Which song of yours is the one that still makes you as excited as the first day you performed it today and that is timeless?
‘Oh Amores,’ ‘Pequano Fado,’ ‘A Paso Lento’ are the songs that my listeners and I love the most. Sinan Ufuk Nergis from Pasion Turca had offered to represent me in your country and asked me to give a concert in Turkey after listening to my song called ‘Pequano Fado.’

How is your progress in music since the release of your first album ‘Tu Despedida’?
The peaceful Mediterranean spirit that we created with ‘Tu Despedida’ can be felt in all my albums. ‘Tu Despedida’ was a lucky start for me. I continue to perform romantic love songs that carry the Mediterranean spirit in the musical aspect.

What does impress you the most about Turkey and what aspects of us do you find similar to your people?
I can find so many things in common. The people of the Mediterranean are warm, genuine, and enthusiastic; they are the way they are. I think that is how I created a nice relationship with the Turkish listeners. I think the coasts in Turkey look very much like the coasts in my county. I like the style of warm relations established between people, the city lights, and friendly communication in Turkey. I enjoy visiting a Turkish bath each time I come here.

What do you think is in common between Turkey and Spain in the aspect of music?
I purchase so many CDs from Turkey, although I don’t remember all the names of the singers, I remember the songs and their tunes. Tunes of Turkish music and instrumental music impress me much. I feel they resemble each other when the feelings are of concern. There are many beautiful female voices in Turkey. I enjoy listening to them. I had shared the stage with Leman Sam once before and performed a Sezen Aksu song in one of my concerts. I like Sezen Aksu songs, too.

Could you give us some tips on your clothing style, eating-drinking habits, and beauty secrets?
My style is plain. I love cooking and the Mediterranean cuisine. I get the pleasure out of the Turkish cuisine each time I come here. I try to live a quiet and peaceful life by making time for the things that I enjoy as much as possible.

What is one thing that you are curious about the future the most? What are your plans for the near future?
The world is going through hard times. I believe that we should be more tolerating for a better future. I think this is possible by making more space for arts in our lives. I am planning to release a new album in fall. I got the chance to listen to Turkish covers of “Pequeno Fado’ and ‘A Paso Lento’ by the way. I would love to sing Turkish songs in the future.