The Wind of TCDD in Berlin

The Wind of TCDD in Berlin

Turkish railway sector has been developing in recent years; it is not only stopping there but also capturing the attention of the whole world during the international organizations.

All eyes were on the TCDD at the InnoTrans 2018 Fair, the largest railway fair in the world, that was actualized between the dates of September 18 and 21 in Berlin.

As the flagship establishment of the Turkish railway sector, we opened a two-tier stand together with our subsidiaries TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, and one of our participating companies RAYSİMAŞ at the fair that was participated by three thousand companies from around the world and about fifty from Turkey.

We have realized many important meetings with the representatives of the prominent establishments of the world’s railway sector at our stand, which had been swarmed by visitors since the first day.

We followed the developments closely of the sector by visiting the stands of other companies that have a voice in the railway sector, particularly our domestic manufacturing companies; we conducted meetings in regards to cooperation.
Besides these events, we enjoyed the pride and happiness of exhibiting our first national hybrid locomotive, which was produced with success at our Subsidiary TÜLOMSAŞ under the guidance of the TCDD, at InnoTrans 2018 Fair in Berlin. I am congratulating everyone who had a part in this project that’s made Turkey the fourth country in the world that possesses this kind of technology, and I want to give my best wishes for it to our railways and our country.

Our railways are 162 years old…

I am celebrating the 162nd anniversary of our indispensable railways for the path leading to the modern civilization, and which have engraved great marks on our country’s geography and may the souls of our late railroaders rest in peace.

Enjoy a pleasant trip…