Theatre/February 2020

Theatre/February 2020


“Alice in Wonderland”, written by Lewis Carroll and translated into 174 languages to date, being one of the unique works of literature, is on Zorlu PSM – Turkcell Stage on February 23 as a contemporary musical adaptation under the direction of Serdar Biliş and choreography of Beyhan Murphy. While Serenay Sarıkaya is getting ready to appear before the audience as “Alice” in the musical, Ezgi Mola will be starring as “Queen”, Enis Arıkan as “Rabbit”, Şükrü Özyıldız as “Hatter”, İbrahim Selim as “King”, and Merve Dizdar as “Cat”.

Karagöz Güzellemesi will meet with the audience on February 8, 1001 Sanat stage. Karagöz decides to go fishing to get rid of the unemployment problem and comes across many sea creatures at sea. Sea creatures tell Karagöz about a monster that feeds and grows with garbage thrown by people at sea. Karagöz continues to fish, but after a while he encounters this monster and the monster gobbles down the fish that Karagöz caught, including the bucket.


Dead Poets Society

Torium Sahne/İstanbul


Travis Pine-A Man of the People

Müşfik Kenter Sahnesi/İstanbul


Keşanlı Ali Destanı

TİM Show Center/İstanbul


Mahzuni Şerif Oyunu

Yenimahalle Bld. 4 Mevsim Tiyatro Salonu/Ankara


İkinci Bahar

Zübeyde Hanım Kültür Merkezi/Eskişehir