No machine has been produced in the history of human beings more passionately latched and more widespread. For some people, the automobile has been just a vehicle to transport, a life style for some others and an indicator of prestige for the others. The automobile which has been attributed so many meanings, turned into a product with the most diversity of production. All of them are called ‘automobile’, all of them have tires, engines and wheels; all of them carry passengers from A point to B point. However, their common characteristics are limited to those above.

Here are the champions of automobile Olympics in various branches…

In the automobile world, there is a model which collects the majority of Olympic medals in various categories: Bugatti Veyron. One of the brand-names which fall under VW, Bugatti, forces the limits with its Veyron model as much as possible. The automobile, which was imported by Doğuş Automotive for the first time, will be imported by the private galleries in our country in these days. The people who want to buy this automobile have to pay exactly $ 3.18 million. Bugatti Veyron is an exact record holder when speed and power is taken into consideration. Thanks to its W16 engine with 8.0lt volume and 1200 horsepower, the automobile reaches to 100 km/h from 0 in 2.5 seconds and its final speed is 401 km/h. This value is even higher than the take-off speeds of passenger jets.

In the markets of our country, the title for the automobiles with the lowest engine volume belongs to the turbo-fed petrol engine of Fiat Panda with two cylinders, volume of 875 cc and 85 horsepower. The small Italian which has the final speed of 177 km/h is a real wallet friendly automobile with 3.7 lt petrol consumption in 100 km.

The tiny Peugeot107, Toyota Yaris and Kia Picantoare the other record holders of this class with their 998 cc volume and 68 horsepower petrol engines. Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost which is sold in Turkish markets proves that it is possible to have smaller volumes in compact class too. With its 999 cc volume, Ford attains 125 HP power thanks to its turbo.

Bugatti Veyron with its 8.0 lt engine of 1200 HP, its speed of 401 km/h and its price of $ 3.18 million deserves the golden medal in a large number of categories. Renault’s four wheeled electrical device, Twizy, with its length of more than two meters plays for the championship in the league of dwarfs in the automobile world.

The newest record holder among the luxurious models to be officially sold in Turkish markets in near future will be Rolls Royce. In the Rolls Royce models which will be sold with the options of customized production 44 thousand options are given to the customer only for special color combinations. Naturally, their price is as high as the presented options. The cheapest versions start from € 825 thousand. The prices go up to € 1.1 million in Phantom models. Except for the comfort it offers, Rolls Royce with 610 HP produced by its V12 engine of 6.6 lt volume succeeds in performance values, which makes the super sports people jealous.

Being at the top of luxurious cars in which comfort-dominated vehicles compete each other, Rolls-Royce will be the longest automobile in Turkey with its Phantom model of 6092 mm as well. Bentley Mulsanne with its length of 5575 mm and Audi A8L with the length of 5267 mm come after it.

In the automobile world, Smart is the leader in the smallest automobile category with its total length of 2695 mm and width of 1559 mm which can go into standard parking places vertically. The four-wheeled electrical vehicle of Renault, Twizy, which is planned to be imported in the middle of this year will deserve the golden medal in this category thanks to its length slightly longer than two meters (2337 mm).

Contrary to popular belief, the slowest automobile of Turkey does not belong to the category of small cars; the first electrical vehicle is Renault Fluence ZE. Despite its giant dimensions, Fluence having 135 km/h final speed has a very limited final speed although it is very successful in economizing, being successful in intermediary accelerations in order to keep the range long.

The title of the models which have the least petrol consumption and least carbon oscillation in the market belongs to two sisters Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Volt. The two sisters are at the top of the list of the most ecologist automobiles with their petrol consumption of 1.4 lt in 100 km and CO2 oscillation of 27 gr/km. Right after those sisters, Toyota Prius Plug-in option is ranked with its value of 49 gr/km which is planned to be imported after a while later.