Three Great Dangers: Obesity, Stress, Smoking

Three Great Dangers: Obesity, Stress, Smoking

It is now a fact that obesity, mental health problems, and smoking are among the health problems that affect the public the most.

It is known to all developed and developing societies that obesity should be considered socially the primary health problem. We can say that preventing obesity is extremely important in the prevention of heart attacks and heart diseases, which are the most common causes of death in the world.

Obesity and risks

Looking at the general data in the world, the rate of obesity among adults reaches up to 35%, that is, one out of every 3 people is obese. It is possible to say that the probability of getting heart disease and having a heart attack is very high in these people. Another point is that approximately 35% of obese people have a higher blood pressure than normal. Hypertension in obese people is also an important factor in experiencing a heart attack.

Let go of the weight

Obese people carry more weight than they should throughout their lives, the fat accumulated in the body destroys biological health step by step, while accumulating in the cells, veins, and organs, spaces between the organs. As a result of overloading the carried weight on the muscles, bones, and joints, they experience local pain.Pain in 40% of obese people occurs with movement. Since these pains in obese people are caused by movement, these people prefer to stay still, which causes obesity to reach a larger dimension. The resolution of obesity has now entered the national strategic programs of countries, and national studies on obesity are becoming more and more evident day by day.

Manage the stress

We can say that behavioral health and smoking are the biggest problems of the society after obesity. The development of depression with stress in the societies, the increasing prevalence of addictive elements cause the spread of obesity by creating the behavioral changes of people. Stress directly affects 50-55% of people in societies today. Stress load restricts movement in humans, eliminates control in eating habits, promotes obesity by increasing physical toxin load. Everyone deals with stress differently, but it is important at what the stress level is. Sometimes stress can be experienced only due to a daily event. Sometimes, it may be a condition that people define as stress but can be diagnosed clinically as a behavioral disorder.


Unfortunately, smoking is extremely common in our country as well as all over the world. Studies show that approximately one out of every three people smoke in the world. According to the studies conducted, the average rate of smoking among mothers is 25%. Cancers and organ disorders are higher in people who smoke. By increasing the effectiveness of quit smoking policies, smoking and diseases related to smoking can be reduced.

The prescription to these problems

Excess weight is nothing but a trap for your cells, organs, and life. Therefore, you should seek help from a specialist to return to the ideal body composition for you. Having a normal weight is another name for living life energetically.

The best way to solve stress is to do daily accounting. When you put your head on the pillow, review your good, bad, happy and unhappy moments for that day. You should keep practicing whatever is good for you and whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you unhappy and bad for you, you should let go of them. This is called collecting happiness, and if you are rich in this sense, stress will not play an important role in your life.

Smoking is the biggest mistake in a person’s life. There is no logical reason to smoke nicotine and its 3000 accompanying poisons. As soon as you stop smoking, color, joy, and energy will be added to your life.