The beautiful actress who is in her 50s now fondly takes place in social responsibility projects. The British actress who had come to Turkey to spend her holiday in İstanbul is popular with her graceful and gentle nature. Elizabeth Hurley is also popular with the queen character that she animates in the series called The Royals. The beautiful actress who lost her grandmother because of breast cancer has women gain breast cancer awareness as a global spokesperson.

How does it feel to have all eyes on you as a world –wide known name?
You get used to it after a while; this actually draws more attention from your friends who are with you.

Austin Powers was a huge blockbuster; what would you tell us about the movie?
I liked the character that I played in that movie: Vanessa Kensington. My son has memorized all of my lines in the movie. Mike Myers is a very talented actor. He made me cry sometimes because of laughing so hard in Austin Powers. We had hard time filming because I kept laughing hard all the time.

You have your own bikini brand and your line is called Elizabeth Hurley Beach. How did the idea come to you?
I am a person who loves swimming. When I thought about having my own business, creating a swimsuit brand came to my mind.

You animate a queen in The Royals. What would you like to tell us about it?
It is so fun to take place in The Royals. I love the costumes and the crown I wear.

What are the things that you advise to your son?
I tell him to be kind and understanding. I want him to put time and afford in what he does and appreciate what he has.

Does the attention of your fans bother your son?
No, he knows that it is a part of my job.

What are your favorite fashion brands?
There are some brands that I really like, but especially Versace, Valentino, Dior, and Cavalli had designed my most favorite gowns.

With which legendary name would you like to have a 5 o’clock tea?
Elvis Presley. Maybe, he would sing me one of his songs.

What did you feel when you had the best actress award at the Sho West Awards in 1997?
I was so happy. There is a time that you must prove yourself when you transfer from modeling to acting. Getting attention of some people and being awarded…

You have a beautiful skin, how do you care it?
I moist my skin, both in the morning and in the evening. I always remember to use my eye cream.

What is the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign to you?
Breast cancer does not discriminate and does not recognize boundaries. It can happen to any person in any country around the world. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign unites many men, women, and families around the world within one subject, which is simple but effective: taking action. This is an opportunity to show how individual efforts come together to create a large effect. Breast Cancer Research Foundation that was established by Evelyn Lauder encourages people donating to support life saving researches. Thanks to researches conducted by scientists, we become one step closer to victory against the breast cancer and this gives me hope.

What are your rituals for a healthy life?
According to researches, a healthy life style plays an important role in preventing the breast cancer. I like the natural taste of foods. I own an organic farm and I only consume the meat that we derive in this farm. I raise most of my vegetables and buy the rest from local markets. I love to take a long and hot bath before I go to bed and a walk with my son in the farm. Whether on the road or on an airplane, it is important to drink plenty of water. I always begin my day by drinking a large glass of water before doing anything else. I exercise regularly.

Would you share a memory of yours with Evelyn Lauder?
Evelyn was my mentor. She made me promise to get annual mammograms when I reach to my 40 –in fact; she did my first mammogram when the time came as a gift. I encourage women around the world to do the same thing, by getting a mammogram on my birthday every year. I wish more women would consult to their physicians regularly or when they notice something wrong with their bodies and take action immediately.