Timeless Fashion Trend: Leather

Timeless Fashion Trend: Leather

Leather fabrics have long ceased to be the clothing choice of rockers and bikers and have become part of every wardrobe.

Leather garments, which are one of the first pieces that come to mind when timeless trends are mentioned, are indispensable for this season… As for how to use leather pieces this season; our tips are in our article…


The most classic of leather clothing is jackets. Leather jackets, which come out every season with their long, short, stapled and pocketed forms, can be the starting part for those who want to buy leather garments. With a pair of blue denim trousers, a white tank top and a short black leather jacket, you’ll always be the most stylish person in the crowd.


Is black leather too classic for you? Then you can get even more diversified colors this season. Take a look at the leather pieces produced in shades of brown, white, red, pink, green, blue. It is in your hands to be stylish with leather jackets that you can integrate with the color of your shoes.


Do you want to select a leather piece other than a jacket? Then we can recommend leather pencil skirts or skinny leather pants that look great combined with oversized knitwear. Since we don’t recommend dressing in leather from head to toe, you can also choose an overcoat.


If you want to use leather in evening dresses, you can take a look at the dresses where the upper part is leather and the skirt part is fabric. You can also benefit from evening dresses with leather details around the cuffs, neckline, and chest. Or you can complete your chiffon dress with a classic short leather jacket. You can create your style by throwing it on your shoulder without even wearing your leather coat.


The vegan trend that has become widespread recently affects many people. Vegans who do not eat any animal food do not use any animal product as an accessory. If you are sensitive to both veganism and animal rights, or if you don’t want to use real leather because you are uncomfortable with the smell, you can choose high quality artificial leather pieces.