Concha Buika came to Turkey once again after last summer. The African singer leaves you in admiration of her enchanting, mysterious, heart-warming voice that touches your heart. Because of her ex-politician and writer father Juan Balboa Boneke’s anti-regime thoughts, they moved to Majorca Island and she spent most of her childhood there. The artist who says that singing is celebrating life points out that she enjoys coming to Istanbul a lot. Buika, with her second album ‘Mi Niña Lola,’ won awards in the “Best Production” and “Best Spanish Album” categories at the Spanish Music Awards; she embraced the Grammy with her album “El Ultimo Trago” for “Best Tropical Album.” She now writes and produces new songs for her new album ‘Vivir Sin Miedo.’ She harmonizes Reggae, Ragga, Flamenko, R&B, Afrobeat and Gospel in a spectacular way. We had a pleasant interview on music with Buika who came to Istanbul.

What does music express to you; how do you feel while singing on stage?
Singing means celebrating life to me. At the same time, it is a way to show our feelings and communicate with the world. I think that half of the world listens to the other. Sometimes explaining it by talking is hard but everyone understands a good melody.

Your voice has a timbre that says you have been through a lot and witnessed much pain; what do you think about the power of your voice?
When I sing, I sing to the memories of everyone. And my voice reflects that. It’s hard to remember your memories without filtering them or lying to yourself. This gives my voice the melancholy it has. The traces of the same melancholy seem familiar to you. Our sorrows are the same, and sometimes I think that everyone is surrounded with the same sorrows. My listeners are my brothers and sisters who have experienced hurtful and bitter love.

 When did you decide to sing and become a singer?
When I first started attracting people while I was singing, they stopped me and said they wanted to listen to me sing, I felt like I was a special animal. I understood music would create a serious and prideful fate. I knew I would continue working to make music with all my strength for the rest of my life. I love people and when I first sang I realized that I was going to put all my hopes into the notes of my songs.

How do you define flamenco spirit?
Flamenco is also a part of music, a part that is good for the soul and ear…

What kind of an environment did you spend your childhood; was music involved in your life then?
There was peace in the center of my life and music means peace to me, so yes it was in my life in a way.

 You grew up in Majorca Island; how was the life style in the island?
It was fun but hard at the same time. Just as it is in many other parts of the world, doing some things that I wanted to wasn’t easy for a youngster like me. My mother’s love and faith in me helped make me feel better about myself; later, the love of my listeners supported me.

Do you remember your family moving to Majorca as immigrants; is it a sad memory or a story of liberation for you?
I really don’t know. I was a little kid back then and I remember that my mother tried to make life easier for me and my brothers and sisters. But I understand that it wasn’t that easy for my mother. I’ve always thought my mother was a gift from heaven.

You have come to Istanbul before; did you have a chance to get a tour of the city; how do you like it?
I’d like to thank my manager and Sinan Nergiz from Pasion Turca about this. They showed me the most amazing and mysterious corners of the city; they showed me the heart of the city. This beautiful city has unbeliveable secrets, a friendly atmosphere, and an open door to those who know how to love it. I am grateful for every time I come here. Istanbul is a smile for the world; that is what I feel when walking through its streets.

What feeds your creativity?
Just life, what else could?

Which city do you live in, how do you spend an average day of yours?
I live in Miami and I am always on the road. I feel like there is never a normal day for any of us, everything is always in change and development. We just need to decide to be a part of this change and development.

Is there a difference between singing in English or Spanish to you?
To me pain and joy are both the same in every language. I don’t feel different, only the words are.

Which instrument do you like more?
All instruments live in my spirit, I feel this, I am all of them. This only changes for the moment I am singing the song.

How do you define love?
I see it as a thing that can not be described in words.

What is your biggest dream about music?
Becoming an immortal and free note… For the memory of a beautiful song…