The demand for vintage, retro, and second-hand clothing and accessories is actually the struggle to eliminate the longing for the past, despite time. This trend that has people experience a voluntary simplicity opens a new door in finding the old clothes of our parents, which belong to their youth days, with excitement. Fashion designers have reserved a great spot for this trend in their collections for 2015.

If you would like to have traces of this trend in your wardrobe, here are our suggestions:

Vintage is the name that is given to the collections or single or special items, which belong to at least 20 years ago. Nowadays, clothing items that belong to 100 years ago are named antiques and the products that belong to a period between 1920s and 1980s are called vintage. The vintage trend is going to try to make the spirit of that period live, thanks to high waist pants, jean shirts, and felt hats.

Our suggestions
People who want to make a difference and make their style talk should choose clothes and accessories that have a story and have their marks on a period.
-Combining a single vintage item with modern clothes is going to make you look more elegant and charismatic.

Retro brings the trends that were popular once in the past to the surface again. The biggest difference between retro and vintage is that retro items are the newly produced derivatives or imitative of trends of the past. The past is going to be redesigned with the retro items that we are going to hear often in 2015: light knitwear, sweaters with tassels, bell skirts, and dotted patterns.

Our suggestions
-Don’t forget that a retro tweed jacket, which has become a classic with elegance and stylishness, can be combined not only with a dress or a skirt but with shorts or jeans also, because it is a piece that goes with every style.
-We are going to see the retro tassel details in clothing and accessories very often this year. You might want to own a sweater or a kimono with tassels since they are among the favorite pieces of this season.

Second-hand clothing, which is a new trend in Turkey, is already on its way to become the favorite of the conscious and environmentalist consumers. Thanks to the second-hand clothing that revolts against the consumer society with its simple life philosophy, people from every part of our society are going to own luxury brand designs with affordable prices.

Our suggestions
-You can complete your second-hand outfit with a lapel pin that carries an environmentalist symbol to create awareness in our society.
-If you are uncomfortable about the hygiene of second-hand clothes, you might want to try bags and accessories instead of clothes.