Each article is a journey and each journey is an article. Each train journey brings new words into our lives and we go on each train journey along with a dictionary as if it is our first.

Love: The first rule of going on a train is love. What an unfortunate coincidence that the reason makes us to get off the train is the same.

Spring: Whenever one goes on a train on any season, it is always spring in the train. We can call it a spring place!

Life: Train gives life to a journey. We feel the excitement. Although the destination is short, I feel the same joy of a long journey.

Hardworking: Trains are the most hardworking, determined, and patient students of the class. They are the calm, unselfish, considerate ones.

Friend: If we were to describe the relations between vehicles and people, we could call trains as friends just as we call cars ‘freedom’ in good and bad times.

Eskişehir: Whichever train goes to whatever city or takes place in whichever article, train goes through Eskişehir to me, if not, then Eskişehir goes through its heart!

Coach: When I had seen the coach from Yılmaz Güney’s film called Umut in a poster, I had not been to Adana, yet, but I had ridden a coach for a few times in front of Eskişehir Terminal.

Poor: Trains used to resemble Sirkeci hotels a little; the places that the poet was referring in the verse of “Cafes and inns are the places for the poor” are usually the ones around the train terminals. Train is home for the poor.

Crying: “Is it fair to wound a miserable soul?/Oh, the sounds of trains/ that bring whimpers to the heart” (the last verses of Necmettin Halil Onan’s poem named Train Sounds)

Line: There will always be poems in train lines, because train moves loud and continues to advance with music. That’s why it is ancient just as a craft work, even if it weren’t an art work.

River: We can also say ‘Along the rivers’ because trains have fellow travelers. They run alongside each other to friendship sometimes listening, sometimes talking, and sometimes becoming each other’s sun and day.

Immanent: I would say it as I say “Take and bring the first lover from Beşiktaş/this is how Cahit has ordered” bring from old towns, from Ankara.

Gesture: If there should be any things that cannot be changed in life and in friendship, one of those things should be gesture for it is the balcony that poetry and love meets.

Dark: Nickname for train. When a train came to a town from a village they used to call it ‘dark’, I don’t know why, maybe, it was because of sun burn. Now, it is not dark anymore but the nickname remains.

Lyric: When there is lyric, I don’t accept any other words! Is it not obvious since I have created many sentences on lyric? Train is a lyric friend, it is a sensation, and it is a gesture that is viewed like it is epic without a doubt.

Melancholy: Or black bile. There is melancholy flower. Maybe it is in a lyric, too. If it exists in a lyric, it is counted as it does exist. Train contributed to growing this flower, we were all there!

Pomegranate: All the trains of the world are waiting for all journeys on their branches. When the time comes, a goodwill called ‘pomegranate’ is going to spread everywhere that trains pass and bring abundance to everything.

Grapevine: Goodness… Sometimes, you hear it from poetry and sometimes from a grape. Sometimes, you look for poetry in its vineyard, sometime you ask for a grape from poetry as it was in Adnan Azar’s poem.

Loan: When you truly feel this one, you think that you are going to exist for eternity. When you own nothing, everything becomes yours! Aren’t you also a loan?

Fairy: They definitely exist. Whom do you think whispers travelers to sleep at nights in train terminals and who do you think travels alongside trains like breathing?