Designed by Argela, Türk Telekom’s subsidiary that is active in the R&D field, 5G Center of Excellence that will operate to develop the national 5G technologies is established.

In addition to the development of 5G technologies, Turkey’s first “5G Center of Excellence” that will play an active role in the development of projects to be the heart of national communications technologies was opened in Ankara with the joint venture of Türk Telekom and Türk Telekom’s subsidiary Argela. Designed as a world-class laboratory, Turkey’s first center of excellence is considered as a milestone towards having Turkey become a country that produces and exports 5G technology.

Speaking at the inauguration of 5G Center of Excellence, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım also made comments on the work done on 5G. Prime Minister Yıldırım said that they decided to switch to 5G in 2015 not to lose time with 4G; they started to work with 4.5G as a transitional stage; and now they are starting the 5G preparations at the center of excellence opened.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs, and Communications Ahmet Arslan said that humanity is being bombarded with information in a way, because of the fast access to information and the high speed of producing and sharing information and stated that information and knowledge emerge in every work done and in every step taken.

National technologies will be developed
It will also be possible to apply the technologies developed at the 5G Center of Excellence, which has been materialized to manage the development of the national 5G technologies and the 5G-transition process with national resources, to the infrastructure of information and communications technologies nationwide with the existing LTE infrastructure.