Hatice Gökçe, our first woman men’s fashion designer to go beyond standard approaches with the collection of Trans, Kara Karga, Jön Türkler and  Gılman… Her goal is to draw the profile of Turkish men… We had an enjoyable interview with Gökçe as regards life and fashion.

Could you tell us about yourself?
I graduated from Mimar Sinan University’s department of fashion design. I have been in fashion sector for 13 years. I am a men’s designer. I prepare my own design on my name in my design office. In addition, I also act as a fashion design consultant for major companies both in Turkey and abroad.

What inspired you to become a men’s fashion designer?
The first one is due to an instinctive reason. Secondly, it is a barren field in Turkey. That is probably because of nonexistence or lack of designers. When we look at the profile of Turkish men there is a profile shaped in different way and I have founded my own brand indeed in order to offer some alternatives.

What gives inspiration to you when creating your designs?
Mainly, I can say technology, human psychology and history. I am creating my own designs, I am influenced by issues such as man’s place in history and his role.

What is the most critical and eye-catching point for your designs?
I am absolutely trying to offer new proposals and bring out new surfaces all in my collection. In addition to this, my concepts mean a lot to me. Because I endeavor to reflect my concept in the most beautiful manner. I want to describe those, which I want to tell about by looking at that clothe. That is why, the most important points of my collection is the subject and the material itself.

How is an ideal “Hatice Gökçe man?”
A man with high acclaim, a man who has adopted clothing culture, noticed the importance of this, and age is not a question. However, I can say that it is the perception of design, which predominantly young people follow as well. The reason is not only the designs, but also the design of the story attracts their interests.

Has Turkish man’s sense of fashion been changing?
Now there is group of young men. This group of young people loves dressing up, trying on, art, love, and making comparisons with and following fashion. Even if some groups prefer to wear classic fashion, sense of a new generation fashion has been prevalently adopted. Our male customers over a certain age are already aware of this. They are moving toward sports, elegance, casual wear rather than classic apparel.

What do you think about branding?
Branding requires very long-term studies, and your country needs to progress in this field. Turkish designers are very precious, that is because the value of our country has recently increased. Turkish fashion is an area, which people follow widely and await for excitedly both in Europe and in the Far East.

What can you say about the brand of ‘Hatice Gökce?’
As I said, branding is a long-term study. My life span is possibly too short to achieve this. However, to work and confuse in order to be remembered with the right project, always offers a new one, the one never been tested yet are the most crucial factors of my brand strategy.

What are the meanings of foreground of crow and crow effects on your website?
I debuted with the Black Crow collection in 2009. A crow is an animal which people are usually scared of; I wanted to be perceived a bit so in the fashion world and thus, I had some kind of sign.

What is your goal in your designs?
What I want to do is; to create a Turkish men profile and show its development. During my college years, I had noticed at the stage my thesis, when I was carrying out a survey; that there was not even a thesis on men’s clothing. In addition, my objective was to create ‘a Turkish man profile’. I have strong desire for being able to talk about a Turkish man profile just as we can talk about the British men’s clothing profile and pattern.

“Arganda is a women’s brand. I have been involved in this project since 2008. The aim is to ensure the employment of women in South Eastern Anatolia Region. Women produce the designs of fashion designers in Turkey and then they are sold in Mudo stores. All proceeds derived from the sale are going to women’s wages.”

“It is important for the one to be able to recognize himself or herself and his or her body, and wear proper colors. She creates her own styles by following the style of which she likes. They should get rid of prejudice and be open to trying. Therefore, they will find what suits them.”