The Stoyanof Family has managed Beyaz Fırın, which started the journey filled with flavor in 1836 in Balat, İstanbul, for five generations. The fifth generation representative and general director of Beyaz Fırın, which has been serving with 7 branches at Ataşehir, Kadıköy, Erenköy, Çiftehavuzlar, Akasya, Suadiye, and Etiler in İstanbul, Nathalie Stoyanof Suda and Brasserie Department Kitchen Chief Mustafa Çendeoğlu met with us at the newly opened Beyaz Fırın Brasserie Etiler. We talked about the flavor secrets of Beyaz Fırın, which defy years, with the two masters.

They create new specials together
Carrying the two centuries old tradition to the fifth generation by adjusting to the modern conditions, Beyaz Fırın owes this sustainability to the importance given to institutionalization. The fifth generation representative of Beyaz Fırın Nathalie Stoyanof Suda is assertive in the kitchen. Suda who prepares special dishes on the weekends for family and friends creates the unique flavors for the menu together with Beyaz Fırın chiefs. Expressing the brand being one that regenerates itself without losing its culture and historical texture, Nathalie Stoyanof Suda says, “What makes Beyaz Fırın different is its openness to new ideas. We always have our target mass meet with new flavors. We never lost the excitement of presenting new products that have not been tried in Turkey before. We have the understanding of ‘old but always modern’. I first dream of the product that I want to make. Later, I share my idea with our chiefs. By working together with our chiefs on this dream, we create the product and place it to our menu. We created the brand of Beyaz Fırın Brasserie by choosing privatization over becoming prevalent. Being unique is important to us. Our most important principle is to be taste-oriented. Beyaz Fırın is a boutique brand, not only at pastry but also at brasserie, that presents 330 daily products.”

Importance given to design and presentation
Nathalie Stoyanof Suda and Beyaz Fırın Brasserie Department Kitchen Chief Mustafa Çendeoğlu that we met at Beyaz Fırın Brasserie Etiler expressed that they added many different dishes that were developed at the new branch to the menu. Pouched eggs with burrata cheese, pouched eggs with ricotta cheese and zucchini, mosaic cheesecake, and Paris Brest are only a few of those specials. Mustafa Çendeoğlu who works with a team of 50 since 2012 at Beyaz Fırın is a successful name of the food sector. Çendeoğlu who has 20 years of experience at the Italian cuisine highlights his expertise also for all the products that take place in the brasserie concept. Given importance to developing new products, design, and presentation because of his expertise at the world cuisine owing it to his work history in different hotels around the world, Çendeoğlu says, “We work with Nathalie in great harmony. She sends us the entire new cook books published out of country. We participate in trainings. We follow the world cuisine closely. We work on many products and add our own revisions. This is what makes Beyaz Fırın products different.”

New recipes are tried one by one
Çendeoğlu, who starts the day at the Ataşehir branch and then moves on to Etiler, tries to visit at least two branches in a day. Given importance to hygiene, Çendeoğlu says, “We check the cabinets and products daily. Serving our products fresh is so important. Arriving to work on time is necessary. Preparing a dish wrong or making it late will make me upset. First phases of all dishes and creating their recipes are under my control. Following this phase, I check them one by one in the kitchen. We change our menu every six months. The first three months pass quickly with developing the new menu items and their recipes. During this whole process, we work with Nathalie. A trial phase follows the decision on the new products. After this trial phase, we organize training sessions at our 7 branches. Following the switch to the new menu, we check if the same standards are followed in all of the branches and see if the recipes are being followed precisely.”

Mini Meatball with Nuts and Beğendi Recipe by Chief Mustafa Çendeoğlu
Ingredients for Beğendi: 1-kg eggplant, 300-gram milk, 30-gram flour, 30-gram butter, 50-gram grated cheese, 5-gram salt and freshly grounded black pepper.
Preparation of Beğendi: Peel the eggplants after barbecuing. Sear the butter and flour in a small pot, add the milk, and cook until it thickens. Add the peeled eggplants into the pot. Add salt, pepper, and cheese, and cook it until it boils. Remove from heat.
Ingredients for meatballs: 500-gram ground beef, 5-gram salt, 2-gram black pepper, 2-gram cumin, 50-gram breadcrumbs, 30-gram finely sliced onion, 25-gram milk, and 40-gram olive oil.
Preparation of meatballs: Wet the breadcrumbs with milk. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and knead. Make 30-gram balls and place them on a tray. Spread with oil. Bake in the oven heated at 170 degrees for 15 minutes.
Ingredients for nut sauce: 100 pine nuts, 20-gram olive oil, 10-gram fresh basil, 10-gram fresh thyme.
Preparation for nut sauce: Brown the nuts with oil until they change color. Add fresh basil and thyme. Add meatballs; after turning them a few times in the pan, serve them over the beğendi. Enjoy.