Gamze Karataş, founder of Gazoz Kapağı Design, has a unique style. She opened her workshop in Kadıköy Moda two and a half years ago. She designs t-shirts, bags, shoes, and hats using fabric dye techniques. She is a graduate of Sakarya University Department of Tourism and Travel. She didn’t receive a design education. Twenty-seven year old Karataş decided to listen to her heart two and a half years ago and followed her dreams, chasing after one thing that makes her happy since her childhood: designing. Colorful custom designs that bear her signature have endless energy.

Creating herself a different world where fabrics and dyes accompany her although she’s studied tourism, the design workshop of Gamze Karataş is as colorful as she is. We asked her how she came up with the name of her workshop and how she decided to aim for designing. Karataş summarizes the process that lead her in designing: “I used to cut my clothes and combine them with different things, make jewelry designs and draw different things. Finally, I decided that I want people to wear nice things and opened my own workshop. I used to sign my designs as “G.K.” then I searched for a genuine name that would be much easier to remember and I decided on Gazoz Kapağı (crown cap) Design. On one hand, I was merchandising different product groups, and on the other, I was drawing different patterns on t-shirts using fabric dyes. Later, I began to color hats, shoes, and bags. I use fabric dyes and pens. I have designs of my own and I also make custom models. I make special designs for special days such as Valentine’s Day, anniversary and birthday designs. I have dream catcher, jewelry, and hair designs, too.”

She makes improvised designs
When working on custom designs, she cares to analyze her client and the taste of her client. Gamze Karataş says, “For instance, if I am going to design a t-shirt with Valentine’s Day concept, I gather information about the couple. Their likes and dislikes are important to me. Some of my clients bring me a photo or figures that they want me to use. I draw the figures by caricaturizing them. My targeted mass is mostly young people. I have regular customers who are between 35 and 40. They buy t-shirts every two to three months. What I do must make me happy. Because, if it doesn’t make me happy, it won’t make my customer happy. I improvise a lot. Sometimes, I might just set aside my dyes; watercolor only by splashing my brushes. Or I might cut a t-shirt and add beads on some parts of it while draping fabrics on some other parts of it. Sometimes I make lineart. I like to work with mandala style patterns and animal figures such as giraffe and elephant. I organize workshops for fans of this kind of designing.”

She doesn’t compromise on uniqueness
Emphasizing that she likes to catch different contrasts in her designs, Gamze Karataş gives information on her style: “When I am drawing I avoid using black. I like to create contrast in my designs. So, highlighting my paintings with contours and making them appear means the last touch for me. Before I complete my designs, I use black contour or I highlight other colors by using black between colors. I like every color. The most important criteria for me is uniqueness. I don’t like things that look alike. I make my own t-shirt models.”

Getting ready for winter
Gamze Karataş is working on a very special design for this winter. This winter, Gamze Karataş who makes her own models is going to create a different style by combining hooded fleece ponchos with fabric pieces colored with fabric dye. Fleece ponchos are going to have special patterns on their hoods and sleeves. Handmade sweaters are going to have special lace work and felts.