Vacation Friendly Technologies

Vacation Friendly Technologies

Even if you are planning to get rid of the city life’s stress in the vast bays, it is not possible to prevent social media communication, music enjoyment, online shopping or banking transactions to continue at full speed.

Research shows that the rate of Turks who completely shut down their mobile devices during the holidays is 11%, which confirms this situation.

In this review, we discussed the most important technological products you should have with you wherever you go for all kinds of trips.

Here are 6 technological accessories that you should take with you on a vacation:


At the point where the technology reached, many transactions carried out via mobile devices gave birth to a life connected to adapters and cables and then powerbanks reached our rescue. Devices that can charge all kinds of smart mobile phones, smartwatches, step counters, laptops, tablets, and cameras are very useful with their portability and affordability.


Noise-canceling headphones, while reaching the consumer’s help in noise pollution, is a vacation-friendly product of choice for those who want a peaceful and pleasant holiday experience. The new generation models make innovative noise-canceling technology easily accessible. Products with wired and wireless modes offer a long service life.


It is not always possible to reserve time for cultural and artistic activities and to watch all the movies on your list. You can get help from portable mini projectors to enjoy watching movies on your vacation. Portable projectors, which combine the features of traditional projectors in the size of a coke can, are easily connected to smartphones and computers and can play video for hours on a single charge.


You should remember to put a Bluetooth headset in your travel bag before you go on a vacation to avoid interrupting your music enjoyment. Loud listening beyond the hearing limit of the human ear can cause hearing damage. Wireless headphones offer a big advantage here. Water-resistant products with Bluetooth technology, hours of talk time, touch features can be your savior.


Portable speakers that you can use at the hotel, on the beach and in similar outdoors make it possible to continue listening to music without interruption. With the new generation of speakers you can take your music experience to stratospheric heights. In addition, rain and splash-resistant products will contribute to your pleasure.


If you are using especially a navigation application or listening to music from online digital music platforms, the battery life of mobile devices may be a problem. In such cases, the battery of your phone and tablet will not cause a problem if you have a car charger.