Red bellied piranhas, black fin sharks, blueface angelfish, spiny blowfish, cownose rays, dragon eels, and giant groupers… They are all in a 5-million liters water tank and they make the best of their weird names with their looks!

Bayrampaşa Forum shopping center that is popular among the families with children in winter scares its competitors with its concealed sharks. After the things that can be done during a routine shopping center visit, if you would like to see the SeaLife Aquarium, which is located at the ground floor, you are going to be welcomed by tiny vivid grey fish that swim through the same direction. Although, you might feel dizzy because of the thousands of fish swimming around you in the same direction, use your energy wisely since even watching the sharks located at the end of the way requires energy especially during their feeding time.

Fish heads and fishbone are the signs of naughtiness!
The staff that are in charge of feeding sharks put on their diving suits and cylinders and then enter into the tank carrying a long metal bar and a bucket with a lid. The giant creatures are fed on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, in other words only three times a week. It is time to question the reality of the stories that we have been listening about sharks from our childhood!

The experienced diver Başat Eryüksel is responsible from feeding sharks and the health of every fish species that live in SeaLife. Although, he confesses that he used to be uneasy when entering into the tank during his first days in SeaLife, it is out of question now. He still thinks that an eye should be kept on new members of the tank, especially on the ones that their behaviors are not well known. What scares him the most is that those animals that swim around calmly most of the time can change their attitude immediately when they think that they are threatened in a way. Contrary to common belief, they don’t eat much; moreover, they might not want to be fed on their feeding day but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have little escapades sometimes. We figure it out, when we see fish heads and fishbone in the tank.

Many are scared of fish 
You can watch fish during their feeding time in a 270-degree wide angle. Two divers enter into the water; one serves the menu that consists of dead fish with the use of a metal bar into the mouths of the fish. The second diver protects the other in case of danger and observes the fish that don’t eat. The giant stingrays surrender them almost immediately after smelling the food and give them hard time, but mostly Kadife (Velvet!) Kadife is one of the largest creatures in the tank and the friendliest one. When the feeding time comes, Hemşire (Nurse –one of the nurse sharks) waits in a corner to be noticed by the divers. Meanwhile, Kadife doesn’t even let them breathe! Hemşire watches what is going on from the distance and then becomes vexed and swims away sometimes. Although, the divers go after the fish, Hemşire doesn’t want to eat most of the time.

The visitors of the aquarium are mostly foreign tourists. We see two Azeri tourists when the sharks are being fed. One of them could not hold himself any longer after hearing our guide’s announcement about anyone who is older than the age of 14 could enter into the tank accompanied by the divers on duty and said, “I am scared of them even behind the thick glass; if I enter into the water, I would definitely pass out!”

A separate section outside the water tank in SeaLife is devoted to sea turtles that had accidents in the Mediterranean waters. A 31- year-old caretta caretta that had been in a boat accident and a 40-year-old green sea turtle that was injured by the anglers’ net are the residents of this section now. The older one has another trouble; the turtle had swallowed a plastic bag probably thinking that it was a jellyfish and now the bag is inflated in the animal’s stomach and the turtle cannot dive into the water. The animal needs to go under surgery soon. Both of the turtles are females and this is not a coincidence since most of the females lose the battle with humans when they go to the land to lay their eggs. 

-The favorite food of sharks is seals. They attack humans because they confuse humans with seals. If your injury is not serious after the first bite, probably you are going to survive because they don’t like our taste and spit up after the first bite.
-Their average life span is 25 years. They have to swim continuously to breathe.
-They can smell the blood that is as tiny as a pinhead from a mile.
-A shark grows approximately 25 thousand teeth during its life span.