Transportation is one of the significant indications of a country’s development level. If you don’t have high-tech, comfortable, convenient, and cheap means of transportation, it would be impossible for a country to develop or become prominent in agriculture, in industry, and in economy. Among the means of transportation, railway is the economic one, because it is possible to carry large loads much cheaper by railway. Railway is an important tool in the development of trade, and at shipping goods conveniently and fast.

The work is under way to raise our railways that have been neglected for so many years. Since 2003, we have invested in our railways for 42 billion TL in the currency of 2015.      

As we try to increase the share of our railways in passenger and freight transportation, our major projects for developing continental trade count the days to begin operating. As we all know, we have begun operating Marmaray on October 29, 2013. Marmaray is the first rail connection between Asia and Europe. The third bridge, which its construction continues on, is going to have a lane reserved for rail line. When it is completed, we would be materializing the second rail connection between Asia and Europe. We are going to provide the third connection via Çanakkale Bridge.

The construction of the historical Iron Silk Road continues in parts. When it is completed, we are going to be providing nonstop railway connection from Beijing to London. The most important among them is the Turkey-Georgia (Kars-Tbilisi) rail line, which is still under construction.

Within this context, we are not just stopping at developing railways in our country via so many major projects that we cannot even begin to count in here, but we are also connecting continents by iron nets.

Have a nice trip…