We Will Make Every Endeavour For Community Development

We Will Make Every Endeavour For Community Development

Our Ministry, which is responsible for the transport and access infrastructure of our country, has realized very big projects that will carry our country to tomorrow and will illuminate the future of our nation for the last 16 years, making dreams come true.

It has materialized the huge projects the world has watched with envy with the vision of our President the Honorable Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

As we commence a new term as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, our goal is to complete the ongoing projects, to realize new projects, and to carry farther the flag we have taken over.

We know that always working with the excitement and devotion of the first day by taking strength from the spirit of unity and solidarity underlies the secret to our Ministry’s success that was achieved during this 16 years of process. We will make every endeavour for Turkey’s progress, community development, and reaching the targets for our republic’s 100th anniversary by continuing the same enthusiasm and determination for work and always increasing our service quality.

We will carry our country into a bright future with the strength we receive from our President and the New Government system. We will achieve our goal of seeing Turkey past beyond the level of contemporary civilizations in 2023. Moreover, we will even design our transportation infrastructure for 2023 and beyond, and we will take steps accordingly.