My valuable citizens,

Rumi’s 743rd Ultimate Union Anniversary International Commemorative Ceremony will be held in Konya between the dates of December 7 and 17. We will memorialize Mevlana Celaddin-i Rumi in the anniversary of his death with mercy and gratitude by means of the ceremonies.

Rumi considered his death as ‘Şeb-i Arus’ meaning ‘the wedding night, the ultimate union.’ Rumi was united with his Creator on December 17. We are uniting our people with Konya, which is the land where Rumi had distributed knowledge, by means of YHT between Ankara and Konya.

Rumi had the conscious of being a nation instilled into the minds of the Anatolian people by his Mesnevi, knowledge, insight, and wisdom seven centuries ago. He fermented Anatolia with these values. The works of Mevlana have great share in brotherhood, love, and affection that were established in this land and the construction of this civilization without a doubt.

We are a nation that has achieved to give the priority to the nation and to humanity by means of the path that was opened by Mevlana, Yunus Emre, Ibn-i Arabi, Haji Bayram-ı Veli and has placed brotherhood, love, and peace above anything else.

The aphorisms and sermons of Mevlana had established the climate of brotherhood that erased any type of bad intentions. We are thankful that Ankara-Konya HST line that was opened on August 23, 2011 transports our people into this divine atmosphere in safety and comfort.

Today, our citizens can reach to this divine atmosphere of Konya that was enriched by Mevlana not only from Ankara, but also from İstanbul, Eskişehir, and Polatlı via HST lines. Thousands of passengers travel by HST to Şeb-i Arus ceremonies, which is where only Rumi is memorialized.

Have a nice journey.