What Are The Decoration Trends Of 2019?

What Are The Decoration Trends Of 2019?

Those who want to renew their home decoration in the New Year are curious about the trends of 2019. The shining star of the decoration trends of 2019 will be wood, while functional pieces that are attuned to nature will come to prominence.

What about the other trends of the year? Here is the answer…


Natural wood will be the most significant among the decoration materials this year. Therefore, we would not be exaggerating if we say natural wood will be used in all types of spaces this year. Natural materials such as wood and wicker will be chosen for furniture and accessories rather than unhealthy and not-eco-friendly materials. Designs where wood, metal, and glass are used in combination will also become to prominence this year.


The colors of the year will be sage green and gray in the decoration trends of 2019 in this day and age where people long for nature. This year spaces will be dominated by green tones. You can create a fresh ambience at home where you can bring together the tones of green in different styles with decorative flowers and plants. We will see often the tones of yellow, brick red, and salmon in houses. Bold red, metallic colors, and black objects will color our homes.



It is the year of the ethnic patterns in decoration. We will see the ethnic patterns everywhere from wall papers to pillow cases and from plates to paintings. Metal materials such as copper and bronze, adding richness to a place, will be seen as important materials of decoration, as Retro designs become more popular day by day.



Multi-functional compact furniture, design of which is inspired by nomads, where you can use the ethnic patterns more strikingly have also become a trend of this year. Matte-black steel chairs or table legs will also be seen often. Tough looking furniture, lines, and curves are being replaced by triangles, circles, and softer transitions. It will not only be seen in furniture like sofas or coffee tables but also in accessories like mirrors and frames.