These days, when we are in the first days of 2014, some of us take justified pride of having achieved our goals while others enter the New Year with high hopes. Shop windows, on the other hand, have met us with their traditional colors red as usual… Of course, shop windows will change within a few months and present us the colors of spring. What is awaiting us in this fresh start? Here are fashion tips we have prepared for you…

T-shirts emblazoned with slogans
T-shirts with slogans are in vogue this season as in the previous. You can communicate messages which you wish to convey proudly and interesting jokes via T-shirts with slogans this year again.

Tassels as playthings for the youth
The tassel craze in the Great Gatsby trend is one of the most amusing trends to confront us in this season. You can carry both the spirit of a flapper girl in her twenties and the bohemian style of the 70s. At times, the tassel craze will appear in its most romantic form but at others it will be used as a work of art. Moreover, leather, silk and beaded details are extremely pleasant.

Tuxedo jackets for all seasons
Tuxedo jackets come in shawl collars, luxury fabrics and bright colors… Also, this season, they have outmoded blazer jackets.

Short Tops
The short (crop) top Madonna wore in her video clip Luck Star in the 1980s shook the fashion world. Crop Top has not lost its appeal in time. You do not need to expose all of your abdomen while combining short tops. You can go for those that are slightly longer. Using a pencil skirt and trousers will add to your elegance.

Aaaand Skirts!
It seems that once again designs with female appeal combining femininity with cuteness will be in demand by women in 2014.