What Should We Look for When Selecting an E-Sports Computer?

What Should We Look for When Selecting an E-Sports Computer?

The e-sports, which emerged with the technological transformation, brings together millions in the world, while the sector’s total revenue of last year is close to 1 billion dollars.

Developing computer technologies are the most important part of this sector. Desktop computers have long been the primary choice of players in this field. However lately laptops have begun to fully respond to the performance, design, resolution and many other requirements of the gamers. Laptops are also becoming more attractive to many gamers when the advantages of lightness and portability are included.

So what should those who want to have a real gaming experience look for when buying a  gaming laptop?


The graphics card is the most important part and undoubtedly the first priority component of a gaming laptop. Unlike a desktop computer, you usually cannot upgrade a graphics card on a laptop. For this reason, players are advised to make the best choice right at the beginning. When the graphics card is mentioned, two manufacturers come to prominence: AMD and NVIDIA. If you’re not concerned about performance, an entry-level GPU will work, but if you’re thinking about maximizing your experience in high-resolution games, you can choose higher-performance models to suit your needs.


If the GPU is the heart of a gaming laptop, the processor and RAM are the brains. It is important for you to get high performance that your processor keeps up with the power of your graphics card. Your computer may be Intel or AMD. Intel Core i7 and AMD Ryzen 7 stand out in terms of performance, but the Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 processors perform well in most games.

When it comes to RAM selection, no problems are encountered with 8GB of RAM in almost any game. However, if you need to run more than one application at the same time, make a lot of video editing, publish your games, or just want to prepare for the future, you can choose 16GB or more RAM.


SSDs provide high performance and low power consumption, while hard drives have high capacity and price advantages. SSD does not affect your graphics or in-game experience but affects uploading and booting duration. Therefore, choosing a good SSD is important for better performance in both your operating system and the games you play.


Sound quality may not be one of the features you’re looking for when buying a laptop. But the sound is a big part of the game experience sought in both single and multiplayer games. Therefore, it is recommended that you search for “Powered by Dolby” or “DTS surround” among the specifications on your gaming computer.

Screen quality is the most important feature you need to check when choosing a gaming laptop. Therefore, gaming laptops with a lower resolution than Full-HD are not worth your time, the minimum resolution should be 1920×1080 @ 60Hz. Depending on your budget, models with QHD or UHD screens can also be preferred. But it is important to remember that for instance, you will need more than just a 4K screen to play 4K games.


The gaming laptop you have selected must have at least three USB ports with at least one USB 3.0. You also need a Mini DisplayPort or HDMI port that you can use when you want to connect to a larger external monitor. It is also a need to have an Ethernet port to ensure uninterrupted internet connection.

Keyboard is also very important for players. The keyboard of your laptop should be offering comfortable use for a long time. Features such as mechanical style pressing, programmable keys, and multi-color RGB backlighting are among the extra features some players are looking for.


While long battery life is not a feature particularly looked for gaming computers, it is advantageous because it provides mobility. As the power consumption of the graphics and processor will shorten the battery life, the computers that can provide a use for a long time on a single charge perform well.

You should also make sure that your gaming laptop offers a quality cooling solution. It will not be possible to get the performance you want from a computer that does not offer an effective cooling solution, so it is more appropriate to aim for models that use the advanced fan and cooling technologies and equipped with two or more fans.