The Director General of The Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD) replied claims about Marmaray, which they are running, like “Marmaray was put in service before it had been completed.” or “Marmaray broke down in the first few departures.” The General Director also corrected wrongs believed to be right about Marmaray and explained what the public wants to know.

Was Marmaray put in service before it had been completed?
Marmaray has been completed. The company that undertook the construction submitted us a report confirming that it had been completed and the consultancy firm approved the report about its completion. Then, our Ministry’s General Directorate of Infrastructural Investments, which undertook the supervision of the construction work, recognized that “it had been completed”. We, in turn, obtained a certificate form the international certification institution TÜVSÜD stating that the suburban system is operable and upon that we began to run it. The allegations that Marmaray was opened before it was fully completed are untrue.

Is it likely that Marmaray will collapse?
Such a situation will never occur. Work was done to improve the soil under the sea even before the construction of the project was undertaken. Following that, the land below the sea was improved by driving stakes. Therefore, such a collapse is not possible.

Is the control center inadequate?
Marmaray commuter trains are managed from control centers located in Üsküdar. The CBTC system there can run the trains without needing a driver. Where and at what speed a train is going is monitored closely. If there is no problem, the system runs automatically, but if there is one, then immediate action is taken. The claim that it is inadequate is not true.

Did it break down on its first trip?
Tens of thousands of people who came to Üsküdar for the opening ceremony wanted to get on the train at the same time. Some problems arose as a result of overcrowding. Now we do not have such a problem.

Is this why the trains often break down?
In fact, the trains do not break down. The trains have emergency levers and buttons to open the doors. Passengers pull the emergency levers tens of times during the day. When the lever is pulled, the train stops automatically. After all, the lever serves that purpose. So do the buttons to open the door. When passengers pull it tens of times a day, the train halts automatically. And other passengers think there is a breakdown. That is the story behind the allegations that the trains often break down.

You said 4 minutes, why do the trains depart every 10 minutes?
This is another misunderstanding. 4 minutes is the time that takes to trvael from Asia to Europe. In other words, it is the duration of trip between Üsküdar and Sirkeci. 10 minutes is the intervals between trips. We make 216 trips with 12 train sets daily. The number of these trips can be increased depending on the number of passengers. The durations of trips can be reduced from 10 minutes to 2 or 3 minutes.

Can water leak in through the tube?
This is not possible because Marmaray was laid down at the bottom of the sea as a tube and the tubes were connected to one another with clasps on the ground prepared there. These are water-proof seals. It is impossible for them to allow water to leak. Considering it not enough, the inside of the seal was covered with concrete and thus made more rigid. Thus, the tube was turned into a tube of 1400 meters in length. Therefore, no such leakage is possible here. This is a very technlogical project.