After working for 12 years in the fields such as cinema-TV, production, art group, decoration, and copywriting, Görken Kızılçağlayan, who is now 35, realized that cinema was not her true passion, which would make her happy. So, she decided to change her sector and step into a new one that would enable her signing under more unique projects. She says that she met with her partner Ezgi Okur, who is now 31, through a mutual friend of theirs. Okur has received jewelry design training around the same time as Kızılçağlayan did and worked for different brands. Görken Kızılçağlayan states that in 2013 they established Tırtıl Takı, which would allow them to become more productive. They restructured the company as Tırtıl Design one year ago, when they decided to target different designs. We met with Kızılçağlayan and Okur at their workshop in Kartal.

“We value simplicity”
The most important feature of Tırtıl Design that makes the brand different from its competitors is their focus on original works in necklace, earring, ring, sculpture, and object designs. Ezgi Okur says that some clients bring them the photos of the designs that they liked and ask them for an imitation. She continues, “We refuse this kind of requests politely because we were bored to deal with imitations and perspectives that were not unique in our past work experiences.”

Most of the products in Tırtıl Design’s first collection are made of brass. Ezgi Okur told us about their decision on using brass: “Why we use brass especially in jewelry designs is because brass offers a very nice color alternative. It doesn’t look raw. Its price is also suitable. It also gives us freedom in the aspect of ease of producing models. Since it is an easy to process material, it allows us to produce more freely. We value simplicity in our minimal collection.” Highlighting that they sign under extraordinary jewelry designs by using acrylic and copper, Görken Kızılçağlayan states that the products in the collection are sold between 50TL and 150TL.

They sign under abstract designs
Ezgi Okur explains the line of their designs: “I like simple things visually. I am not inspired by anything. Only, when I am stuck with something, I feel that I need to take a step out of it and this feeling bothers me. I don’t like attributing deep meanings to my designs.”

Görken Kızılçağlayan interrupts at this point: “The life itself inspires all designs whether we like it or not. In one way or another, a detail that reflects on your mind also reflects on your designs. We wish the people who embrace our designs to create their own stories instead of attributing meanings to designs. That is why we focus on more abstract and line like products.”

Expressing that the Tırtıl Design products are sold at 11 stores across Turkey, Kızılçağlayan highlights that they are also in contact with some international companies. Mentioning the importance of participating in different activities such as Pop-Up Kadıköy to communicate directly with clients, Görken Kızılçağlayan says that their best sales are made around the special days such as New Year and Valentine’s Day as well as spring and summer.

They work together in harmony
Explaining the gradual process of their accessory designs, Görken Kızılçağlayan says, “If we are making a necklace, we shape it first. Later, we combine the pieces together. Fix the ends of metals, clean, and shine them. To make it short, our products go through many phases. We both work on each product. We work together in great harmony. Our first ring collection is going to contain silver designs the most.”

Ezgi Okur expresses that the most important benchmark for them is the ease of processiblity when it comes to materials. She also emphasizes that they prefer staying away from a perspective, which focuses on mass production. The duo that targets to become a brand that is recognized out of country in mid and long term is going to keep advancing without comprising of their design vision and uniqueness. Lastly, Ezgi Okur emphasized the importance of uniqueness in all designing processes. She said, “Designers or the people who do this job are not supposed to steal others’ models. Let’s not forget that an imitation is never going to give you the same feeling.”