We got know Wilma Elles through the “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki” TV series.  As Caroline character role, some loved and some hated her. No matter what people say, she succeeded to become someone that everybody sought for other TV series.  She is currently acting in the TV series “Gurbette Aşk”.  We spoke with her about her first love, her childhood toy which she always carries with her, and why she does not agree with Meryem Uzerli.

How are you these days?
I am fine but running around as you see. It is very busy nowadays.

Does the busy working schedule tire you or do you get bored?
For me, working is a wonderful thing, on the contrary I love working. As a matter of fact, I dreamed about a life like this. Thankfully it came to true. Aside from acting, I studied politics and Islamic sciences. I have had some work about those as well.

It is interesting that you have studied Islamic sciences…
Because I wanted to get to know a new culture. Knowing a different religion and culture always improves and enriches the soul. I believe it is very useful. Ultimately, acting is also the same; you get to know many people closely and you learn many things from them.

Was it easy to get used to Turkey?
Of course, I really love it. It has been a long time that I have got over the adaptation process. I actually do not see a difference. It is two worlds but in the end, it all goes to the same path. For example, when there is something that you cannot make meaning you insist and say “the reason for this was that I also would have done it like this”. If you look at it like this, it does not seem different.

Meryem Uzerli found the relationships in Turkey not genuine. How is the understanding of friendship in Turkey from your perspective?
I was sad when I read this. Because I find Turkish and German culture very compatible. It is really impossible not to find a friend in a huge city like İstanbul. If you cannot find a friend, then it is not the people’s fault but something that is related to you personally. But everyone is different, so we probably wouldn’t know why she said it like that.

Do you have girlfriends that you share all your secrets with?
I have one half Iranian and half Polish girlfriend and one German boyfriend. They are like my soulmate. I also have actor and actress friends from different occupations.

Are there any envy and jealousy between women?
It happens of course. But at the times you feel this, you would tell that person very sincere words and be very warm, she would change her mind. To be a 100% close friends, there is a need for time and energy.

So, do you make friends easily?
Many of my friends are very important for me. They are very successful and experienced in life. They provide me with great tips on a number of topics such as happiness, love, work, and health; and they tell me how I should behave and I trust them very much. Of course I support them with my ideas (laughs).

Do you remember your first love?
I was four years old when I first fell in love. His name was Christian. I still remember his face. He was very sweet. I used to run after him. I told him “I love you”. Then once he kissed me on my cheeks (laughs).  I don’t know what he is doing right now.

All right, do you remember the first day you were dumped?
Actually nobody left me (laughs) But even at times I dumped I still felt sad.  Because no one would want love to end. It is very sad for both sides.

Let me ask you for things that make you happy…
It is very cliché, but what makes me most happy is my family being healthy. Also feeling excitement makes me happy. Because I have become addicted to feeling excitement. Think about how adventurous it is to come to Istanbul. I really got used to this excitement. I do not even want to spend one day with boredom, or else I would die.

Is there any message that you would like to give anyone through this interview?
I would like to thank my family. They have always been with me and this has made me strong. All my friends support and make me strong. I am so glad that they exist. Indeed, I am so glad the whole world exists. Because the world is an amazing place. There are so many rich, colorful cultures. This richness and colorfulness make us happy.

I get along with both of them well. I have a classic family. My mother was a housewife but she works now and went back to university. My father has his own business and he works very hard.

Are they a strict family?
Yes. Even though I used to get angry at them in the past, I tell them “bravo” now.

How is your relationship with your sisters?
We get along really well. We are a big and an international family. One of my sister’s is in London. I have 25 cousins. Because my grandfather was an ambassador, we used to travel a lot. In the family there are doctors, lawyers, and businessman, I am the only artist. They did not even want me to go into acting at first.  There is only my great great uncle who was an actor in a large theatre in New York but he is 80 years old now.

What advice does your family give you most?
There are too many advice that they give. My family is very honest. They never did anything bad and they are really good people. They advised me no matter what happens, to always be honest.

Is there a nickname that your friends called you?
They tell me “Madam Little”. Because I am still very young.

Which games did you like to play when you were young?
I used to play a lot of games. Anything that would come to your mind would be a game for us. We were very creative. For example, we used to play Native American games. We used to perform many theatre acts. Nowadays, many of the youth that I know do not play like us anymore. There are computers now. We used to make tie-dyed T-shirts with potatoes. We used to make lamps and jewelry and sell it to our neighbors. We even tried to make a perfume.

All right, was there any toy that you always carried with you?
I had a doll named Lily. I still have it. I used to bring it everywhere. Because its body was made with white cloth, my mother had to change its body three times.  It was short haired doll, as tall as me. I used to sleep with all my teddy bears and dolls in my bed. I used to be squeezed in between them and hardly had any space for me.

Do you like to travel?
I love it. I love to see new foods, new clothing trends, home designs, and different life styled cultures. I get bored with doing the same things and going to same places. That is why, I frequently like to travel or go to new restaurants. My soul is fed and it gives me new ideas.

Did you travel by train in Turkey?
It was my first ride on the train in Turkey because of my filming. We filmed a scene of “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki” at Sirkeci Train station. It was Caroline’s arrival in Istanbul. I loved it. In Germany, I used to take the train at least twice a week or four times a week and traveled long distances. In Germany everyone rides the train, businessmen, politicians… Because it is very comfortable, very enjoyable and cheaper than flights.

Why do you prefer train travel?
Sitting for 4-5 hours in the car is very tiring. You cannot get up from your seat, you are always in that small seat, but you can even walk on the train.

Do you read a book or listen to music during traveling?
Mostly I memorize my scenario scripts. I practice my role. Sometimes I read a book, connect to internet through my phone and work like I am in my office, or watch a movie.

“I love İstanbul very much”
“For living I love world cities for example Istanbul. Because cities like these provide lot of inspiration. For example, Napoli has a very dangerous weather; excited, Rome has history, Los Angeles is the perfect film center, Montreal alternative, Koln is friendly. Actually I love all cities.”

I turn the negative events into positives”
“When there is an event that makes me sad, when I think of negative things, I realize it quickly, and tell myself ‘these thoughts are harming me”. Whatever it is that I am experiencing, I turn it into a positive mood. I try to be thankful to it. It is impossible to escape bad events. It is best to turn the situation into positive…”