Would You Like to Have a Cool Entrance at Home?

Would You Like to Have a Cool Entrance at Home?

The way to create a beautiful impression on our guests goes through our entrances. For this reason, the first thing to do is to start from the entrance for a beautiful home decoration that makes a difference.

The answer to the question of where to start when decorating the entrance goes through what style you choose. The shape and size of the entrance are the most important things to consider when choosing a style. It is recommended that you choose light and bright colors in a narrow entrance, avoid dark colors or large patterns. Here are a few tips…


Art lovers can design an artistic entrance by reflecting their own style on their home starting with the entrance. They can make space for paintings made by famous painters. This style, which can be applied to especially large square or rectangular entrances, will be an impressive one that takes your guests to another world.


It is recommended to choose a functional decoration style for houses with narrow entrances. Having a bench, making it easier to wear shoes, and a coat hanger, keeping the coats and jackets organized, in the entrance is among the recommendations. It is possible to choose a coat hanger made from a different material such as wood or porcelain.


It is possible to create a perception of luxury in the entrance decoration for those who enjoy luxurious looks. It would be useful to mention that you must have a large house to create the perception of luxury. You can achieve this type of appearance by using expensive accessories and large sculptures.


You can go for patterned wall paper to add some color and movement to your home entrance. Just be careful to choose a floor installation that would match. You can opt to have marble installed on the floor to create an appearance as if there is a carpet on the floor or you can just go with marbles in different colors. Colorful geometric wall papers are pretty popular; however, it is very risky to use those in a space where sunlight does not enter.


You may choose French style to make a difference if you have a house with a large entrance. You can create a mysterious ambience by lighting the French style marble floors and paneled walls with candles.