Young People Take Education Out of Their Pockets!

Young People Take Education Out of Their Pockets!

Students are no longer limited to studying and preparing for exams exclusively in schools, classrooms, private lessons.

Mobile applications, which have entered our lives with the wide use of mobile phones and tablets, offer different alternatives to students in the field of education. Thanks to many local and foreign applications, students are now able to get help from other students.

Here are those applications that offer various alternatives for students:


“Bir Bilene Sor” (Ask Someone Who Knows) is a free mobile application where 9,5 million students, who prepare for exams (TYT, YKS, KPSS, ALES, LGS, TUS, etc.) each year, ask each other problems that they could not solve. Students can identify their shortcomings and measure their levels through the online application by taking countrywide trial exams during exam preparation. Daily, weekly and monthly trial exams are also available. You can solve the problems of students preparing for the exam through “Bir Bilene Sor” and collect points in your “Bir Bilene Sor Cüzdanı” (Ask Someone Who Knows Wallet) and spend them on online shopping.


With Kunduz, users take a picture of the problem, send it to Kunduz and the solution comes to their mobile phone in a short time. In Kunduz, where more than 100 thousand students are active users, the average time to answer questions is 10 minutes. In addition to sending questions, students can also benefit from the Question Bank in Kunduz. Students can also get “Training Coach” assistance from Kunduz support team for the exam preparation process. The success of Kunduz, which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times so far, has also attracted the attention of Apple and was launched last year as Application of the Day.


The “” platform, which has been in use since 2013, has collaborated with the international training application and the digital company Brainly. The students from primary school to university ask their questions in their course subjects or homework in exchange for a certain point. If the user does not have enough points to ask questions, he or she needs to help other users and earn points. Points cannot be purchased. The more you help on the platform, the more thanks and points you collect, the more you are rewarded with ranks from Novice to Dahi. Brainly is used by 60 million people worldwide per month.


Eğitim Bilişim Ağı (EBA) (The Education Information Network), an online social education platform created by the Ministry of National Education, is one of the most frequently visited applications by teachers and students. By downloading the EBA application to your mobile device, you can access news, video, audio, images, documents, books and magazines on the platform and download the content you want to your mobile device and use it at any time. EBA specializes in personalized learning experiences and has become more accessible with new designs. It is now richer with books, magazines, educational games and even more evaluable with success monitoring and evaluation reports.


Photomath is one of the most widely used math learning resources in the world. With the augmented reality support in the application, you can place your smartphone’s camera on an equation or arithmetic problem on paper and see the solution. Photomath also keeps a record of all the equations you have solved, so you can easily access old solutions when needed. The application, which has been downloaded more than 100 million worldwide, has solved billions of math problems so far.


Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that aims to change, develop and liberate the traditional education system. Khan Academy courses have been viewed 1 billion times in the world; 40 million students continue their education every month with Khan Academy. The library offers a rich digital resource with around 7,000 videos in Turkish. The Turkish lessons of the platform are broadcasted through the EBA system of the Ministry of Education and reach tens of thousands of schools across the country.